Hi, almost a student! Only one moment is left and your childhood will wave you bye. So it's high time to choose your path in adult life and to get into account only the best in the galaxy.
As did your predecessors, for example, a few years ago, they also faced a choice, and today are well-known, successful, famous people.
As the current students of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU did: waving “bye” to childhood yesterday, today they are conquering the peaks of studying in an atmospheric, creative student environment.
This convenient guide we created for you, a high school senior. It will tell you which subjects of External independent evaluation to choose for admission to the dream specialty of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU.
Get this picture for yourself and make your right choice.
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 Olha Shumenko, Associate Professor at the Department of Germanic Philology together with her British colleagues under the auspices of the UK Government has been actively involved in the Her Majesty Government, which has many years of multi-agency experience and represents all aspects of training.
This project offers a variety of customised training sessions for those who work directly with children, young people and students, as well as a wide range of organisations: Sky News, Anglia TV, BBC Radio, BBC TV and Daily Mirror.
Associate Professor Olha Shumenko successfully completed all four stages of the e-learning course and received certificates from HM Government, Great Britain, London. Each certificate generates a code that contains the information within Her Majesty Government Project files.
Congratulations and wishes for further success!

Antonina Prokopenko,

Associate Professor at the Department of Germanic Philology


On February 1st, students #SumDU_translators Alina Serdiuk and Hlafira Mazur, inspired by the online webinar from the community on the international education programs and studying abroad “UniStudy Community”, decided to share their experience with all who wish. As part of the “Travel Office” under the guidance of the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko, first-year translators and their supervisor Antonina Prokopenko happily joined the event to find out the magical formula of writing motivational letters for successful participation in academic mobility programs.
Alina and Hlafira not only considered the structure of different types of motivational letters in detail, told the listeners about the strategies and algorithms, and answered the most common questions, but also shared valuable pieces of advice from their own experience. At the end of the meeting, the participants watched an informative video about the peculiarities of writing a motivation letter from the “Erasmus +” program and had the opportunity to check the quality of the acquired knowledge with the help of a quiz.
Translated by Hlafira Mazur, student of the group PR-91


Dear friends!
Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel office” at Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar» of the Department of Germanic Philology makes you an online appointment https://meet.google.com/puc-xarv-cjd on February, 1st at 1 p.m.
Let’s learn to write a motivation letter! The second year #SumDU_translators of the group PR-91 Alina Serdiuk and Hlafira Mazur joined the online webinar the "Formula for a motivation letter" from the community on the international educational programs and studying abroad "UniStudy Community". Now they are ready to share gained experience.
The head of “Travel office” – lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko.
We invite every interested person!

 With this certificate, the administration of the ETS certification consortium confirms that the test center of Sumy State University TOEFL-center fully meets the requirements for international certification centers of this type. Congratulations!

Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar» announces English language courses for all interested people
Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar» invites everyone to start studying or renew English speaking knowledge and skills.
We start with levels A1 / A2 (Elementary) and increase your level of English to levels B1 / B2 (Upper Intermediate).
In classes we:
- develop, deepen and improve basic knowledge;
- apply a communicative approach aimed at course participants;
- use Cambridge and Oxford textbooks, educational audio and video materials;
- implement modern teaching methods developed by experienced teachers.
The training period lasts for 4 months.
Classes are held 2 times a week.
Registration on the courses at the following link>>

The group consists of 5 people minimum. Groups are formed depending on the received applications.
Cost of courses: English language courses for everyone - 1000 UAH per month. Cost of the full course of study - 4000 UAH.
The deadline for submission of applications/registration is February 10, 2021


 The second year #SumDU_translators of the group PR-91 Alina Serdiuk and Hlafira Mazur joined the online webinar the "Formula for a motivational letter" from the community on the international educational programs and studying abroad "UniStudy Community" on January 21th.
The experienced manager of the UniStudy website and the head of the community Hanna Tron shared valuable and informative tips on how to write a motivational letter for a successful application for various projects.
The peculiarities of the structure and the differences of motivational letters for work, for volunteering, for internship, for getting grants and for studying abroad were considered. Listeners also found out about diverse techniques and useful schemes concerned the rational arranging of thoughts. Hanna answered the most frequently asked questions: how to start writing a letter, what is not necessary to point out, how to present yourself properly and what are the opportunities for applicants? Apart from that, the moderator shared her own experience with failure stories emphasizing that you should never give up and it is better to try again all the time because to the one who knocks the door will be opened.
– Personally I learnt that the motivational letter must have a certain structure because my previous attempts of writing it looked like an all-in-one composition about everything. I also took into account that participation in school contests and certificates are unlikely to be needed but the latest achievements at the university might come in handy, - Alina shares her new acquired experience.

Yuliia Huzenko, student of the group PR-91
Translated by Alina Serdiuk, student of the group PR-91


Have you spent your childhood in camps? What about Online Christmas Camp? Victoria Zakusylo, a graduate student of #department_GPh_SumDU took part in the volunteer project Together with the organization "AfterSchool" and with "Alternative-В" - "Online Christmas Camp".
The program was created specifically for children to deepen their knowledge of the culture and traditions of celebrating Christmas in Europe.  And also to explain the basics of volunteering and familiarize children with the volunteer programs of the organization "Alternative-B".  The course consisted of 10 sessions 5 times a week for 2 weeks. All classes were conducted only in English without any translation.
Victoria shares her impressions “Participation in yet another atmospheric online projects has come to an end.  It turned out to be a very Christmas and New Year Online Christmas Camp, which brought together volunteers from all over the world (I'm telling the truth) and students from all over Ukraine!  Thanks to the sponsors for the opportunity to participate! For me, it was an interesting and useful experience of working in ZOOM with children 9-12 years old”.
Anna Zinchenko, Assistant at the Department of Germanic Philology


On January, 12th the Head of the Department of Germanic Philology, Professor Iryna Kobyakova in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty FPSC, Associate Professor Olena Sushkova, lecturers and the staff of the department made an annual report on the work of the Department of Germanic Philology in the year 2020.
In her report Iryna Karpivna emphasized the achievements and successes of the Department, highly estimated students’ and lecturers’ work in the research field and in the area of promoting the Department in the world, noted that our students and graduates are demanded among Ukrainian and foreign employers, admitted some drawbacks in the working results, mentioned plans and outlooks for the year 2021.


First-year students of specialty Philology Kateryna Knyha, Anastasіia Liubych, Anastasіia Sierysheva, and Anna Shcherbak took online courses on the FutureLearn platform, which were offered by senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic  Philology  Iryna Ushchapovska within the discipline the Theory of Language Communication Fundamentals.
Future experts share their impressions:
- The course "An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes, and Identity" is actually very interesting and I did not regret that I chose this one. I liked that the articles and new information are supported by a variety of videos and most importantly real-life examples. I was also impressed with the results of the research provided in this course. Most people do have a preconceived notion of different accents and dialects, namely that some are even considered abnormal and unacceptable. I think this is a real problem, as it affects a person's daily life, - shares Anastasiia Sierysheva.
- Personally, I really liked the course "An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes, and Identity". I am very glad to have learned so much about sociolinguistics. It was interesting to read research on the impact of a person's emphasis on him or her and the current issues that people face based on this. I do not regret a single minute spent on this course. Thank you for such a wonderful recommendation! - says Anastasiia Liubych.

- I'm very thankful that I had an opportunity to take part in the "Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Language and Culture" course. I learned a lot of new information relevant to intercultural communication. It was a good way to know something new about the principles of effective communication, - says Anna Shcherbak, still remaining on the wave of the English language.

- I chose the course for a long time because they were all interesting, but then, after thinking about everything, they seemed too easy. Therefore, "An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes, and Identity" became the best option. I was particularly interested in researching the interaction between accent changes and identity. One example of this connection between language and identity is how people perceive their accents. Attention was paid to the letter "r" and how it is pronounced by the British and Scots. Audio materials and videos have become integral aids and, in an accessible way, helped to better understand the material. So, the course from FutureLearn made only a positive impression on me and interested me in sociolinguistics, so in the future I plan to deepen the study of this topic, - thanks Kateryna Knyha.

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