Svitlana Shvachko (professor), Iryna Kobiakova (department head, professor), Larysa Shchyhlo (associate professor) and Oksana Brovkina (senior lecturer) honorably represented the Department of Germanic Philology on the international scientific arena. Their reports "The Influence of Quantitative Units on Quality of Communication" and  "Interdisciplinarity as an Innovative Dominant of the Philological Research" were published in the collective monograph “Ensuring Standards of Quality of Life in a Turbulent World” (Opole, Poland).

We see a stable tradition of the Department of Germanic Philology meeting for faculty dean's annual report. The same occurs on 20 January 2022 as well.

In the 2022 report, dean Olena Sushkova identified positive trends and challenges in faculty development. Talked about future prospects and plans. Focused her attention on student contingent formation, scientific and educational components, publishing activity, international cooperation, extracurricular activities.

On 18 January 2023, the Master in Philology students were awarded diplomas at the Department of Germanic Philology

The faculty dean Olena Sushkova and lecturers wished the already graduated specialists to be inspired, brave, focused on success; to value time, to maintain friendship and to bring victory closer with their work and knowledge! Iryna Kobiakova (the department head) added: "Our alma mater will always be waiting for you!"

Oleksandra Rakitina (PR-01 Philology student) under the guidance of Oksana Brovkina (senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology) took part in the XXVIII International Scientific-Theoretical Conference "Modern Aspects of the Modernization of Science: State, Problems, Development Trends». It was held on 07 January 2023 in Limassol, Cyprus.

Оleksandra presented her work "The Importance of Intercultural Communication in the Process of Learning Foreign Languages".

On 10 January 2023, in the presence of Olena Sushkova (faculty dean, associate professor) and the Department of Germanic Philology staff, professor Iryna Kobiakova made an annual report on the 2022 results.

Anna Zinchenko (assistant lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology) participated in English video dubbing. Within cooperation between the Sumy Chamber of Commerce & Industry and European partners, several commercials about Ukrainian organic producers were created.

The purpose of the contest "SumDU Pedagogical Innovations-2022" is stimulating university staff to create new and spread modern teaching forms and methods for a high education level.

In 2022, 25 projects were submitted. Totally, there were 45 participants from 17 departments.

On 21-28 December 2022, the Department of Germanic Philology held the defense of Philology Master's theses for full-time and part-time students. Various amazing works were submitted to the committee.

The examination committee included: Anokhina Tetiana (head, DSc in Philology), Kobiakova Iryna (deputy head, professor), Shvachko Svitlana (DSc in Philology, professor), Shchyhlo Larysa (PhD in Philology), Chulanova Halyna (PhD in Philology). The Expert Council of Employers was represented by Hlushchenko Olha (chief of the SOTIK TOUR Travel Agency).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the next year bring as many positive emotions and impressions as possible, and each new day will begin with a smile on your face! Let the Victory and Peace come as soon as possible!

German life, education and routine – this is what first-year Philology students learned about at an online meeting. It was held by the Travel Office Club on 22 December 2022. The video conference was guided by Olena Nazarenko with the assistance of Iryna UshchapovskaOlena Yemelianova and Iryna Tkachenko. The invited guest was Yuliia Ishchenko (a third-year student).

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