Long-term programs (scholarships, grants, training, volunteering)

Research Scholarship in Hong Kong (deadline – 1 December)

The Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) offers scholarships for foreign students to study in graduate school. During the selection take into account the research potential candidate, academic performance, communication, leadership and personal qualities.

Scholarships for study at ETH Zurich (Switzerland, deadline – 15 December)

Zurich University annually provides scholarships for international students wishing to study at magistracy programs. Potential candidates for the scholarship should include up to 10 percent of the best students of his flow.

Program them. Norman Borlaug (USA, deadline –15 November)

The Ministry of Agriculture USA announces Norman Borlaug program, designed for research and training in agriculture and related fields. Program duration – 6-12 weeks.

 The European Voluntary Service in Germany (deadline –15 November)

NGO "Stella" is looking for participants from Ukraine for participation in The European Voluntary Service project, which will take place in Leipzig, Germany.

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Short-term programs (conferences, trainings, seminars, summer schools)

The educational trip to Germany (deadline – 8 November)

Students of the third or fourth baccalaureate courses, who possess German are invited to participate in an educational trip to Germany.

YASL: Youth academy of social leaders (Ukraine)

YASL: Youth academy of social leaders - grant program of the Academy of MIA International Scholarship for courses MBA International British diploma with assignment announces a set on a new course.

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European Commission (EC) http://sorry.ec.europa.eu/

The Council of the European Communities adopted on 7 May 1990 a Decision establishing a trans-European mobility scheme for university studies (TEMPUS). TEMPUS shall concern countries of Central and Eastern Europe designated as eligible for economic aid. The objectives are, inter alia, to promote increased exchanges and mobility of teaching staff and trainers as part of the cooperation process, to increase the opportunities for the teaching and learning in the eligible countries of those languages used in the Community and covered by the LINGUA program, and vice versa, and to enable students of the Community to spend a specific period of study or placement in an eligible country.

New Erasmus+ program aims to support actions in the fields of Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for the period 2014-2020. https://sumdu.edu.ua/int/en/international/international-projects/108-academic-projects/483

 DAAD – German Service of Academic Exchange https://www.daad-ukraine.org/de/

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) is a mediatory organization providing the cultural policy, educational and research policy, development of cooperation in the sphere of higher education.
DAAD lector Karsten Grunwaldt actively participates in Travel office meetings, academic process, and extracurricular activity.

 Goethe-Institut (Germany) https://www.goethe.de/ins/ua/de/ueb/auf.html

Goethe-Institut is a German non-governmental organization aimed to promote German abroad and to support international cultural cooperation.

 Fulbright Program in Ukraine http://www.fulbright.org.ua/en/

Professor Joseph Kush from the University of Duquesne, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA presented the latest teaching methods in such disciplines as "Methodology of Teaching Translation with the content module: Psychology and Pedagogy of the Higher School"," Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages", "Practical Course of the English Language " during 2018-2019 academic year.

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