In March 2020, the annual poetry and literary translation competition Alter Ego was held by the Department of Germanic Philology of SumDU for the ninth time.  The winners of Alter Ego competition were awarded in 4 nominations, namely: poems in Ukrainian, literary translations from English and German, poems in English or German. This year more than 140 works by authors, students and pupils from all over Ukraine from Prykarpattia to Slobozhanshchyna have been sent to the competition.
The jury traditionally included Iryna Kobyakova - PhD in Philogy, Professor (head of the jury), Svitlana Shvachko - Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology, Nataliia Tatsenko - Doctor of Philology, Associate professor, Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology and other representatives of the Department of the Germanic Philology.

According to the results of the evaluation of the competition works, the authors who took the award-winning places are:
Nomination “Poems in Ukrainian”:
І place – Yuliia Chimyrys (SumDU),
ІІ place – Anna Lysenko (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv),
ІІІ place – Daniela Toronii (Vasyl Stafanyk Precarpathian National University);  

Nomination “Literary translations from English”:
I place – Illia Kalashnikov (Kherson State University),
ІІ place – Viktoriia Myklashchuk (SumDU),
ІІІ place – Alla Velykodna (SumDU);

Nomination “Literary translations from German”:
І place – Yevheniia Susidenko (SumDU),
ІІ place – Yuliia Lazutkina (SumDU),
ІІІ place – Mariia Titareva (SumDU);

Nomination “Poems in English / German”:
І place – Oleksandra Deineha (Zaporizhzhia National University),
ІІ place – Ivan Stepanenko (Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State
Pedagogical University),
ІІІ place – Maryna Vovna (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv).

The winners were awarded with certificates and gifts.

The works of the winners

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