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Germanic Languages and Literature (Translation included), the first language is English

Educational and professional program

Theoretical Grammar and Phonetics of English

Department of Germanic Philology Provides Ph.D. Training
The department employs 18 PhDs, associate professors, 1 doctor of sciences and 3 professors. Almost 100 percent of the department employees are involved in research work. The objects of research are the linguistic units and speech phenomena of the Germanic languages is studied in many aspects in the context of different methodological paradigms.
At the department scientific schools are formed and they distinguish the main areas of linguistic research. Among them are linguistic and cognitive, linguistic and discursive analyzes.
Topicality is represented by such themes: quantity categories in distant languages, typological aspects of text attributes, meta-translation, integration of verbal and non-verbal means of pronunciation, naive and scientific picture of the world under the scientific guidance of the professor S. O. Shvachko.
The research activity of the department of Germanic philology is determined by the research complex problem:
• “Concept Verbalization: Interlanguage and Interlingual Aspects”, state registration number 0112U004325 (extracurricular activity), research supervisor prof. S.O. Shvachko
• “Epidigmatic deviations of nominative and communicative units”. Identification code 05408289, state registration number 0112U4326 (extracurricular activity), research supervisor prof. I.K. Kobyakova
• “Cognitive and pragmatic correlation of the language semantic space”, №0115U005773, research supervisor prof. of the department of Germanic philology N. V. Tatsenko
Significance of the topics, high level of research, theoretical and methodological competence of specialists are motivated by their recognition in the country and abroad, their involvement to mastering PhD and doctoral theses, membership in specialized research councils of Ukraine, international research associations (teachers of English IATEFL, USSE English Studies), a partnership with specialized University departments of other cities, participation in editorial boards of research works proceedings, participation in the work of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine. Every year the department staff has more than 100 presentations in all-Ukrainian and international scientific events. The department of Germanic philology is the organizer of many acknowledged in Ukraine and abroad conferences:
• All-Ukrainian Student Scientific-Practical Conference “Translation innovations”;
• International scientific conference “Methodological problems of modern translation studies».
Continuous revitalization of research activity is verified by the number of the staff of the department publications, which is constantly growing and in recent years reaches 500 units of printed issues a year, including articles in specialized publications, conference materials, monographs.
Detailed information about the head of the department prof. I.K. Kobyakova is available on the corresponding Ukrainian Wikipedia page. , about prof. Shvachko S.O. is available on the corresponding Wikipedia page.
Potential scientific supervisors:
• S.O. Shvachko, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
• N.V. Tatsenko, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the department of Germanic philology;
• I.K. Kobyakova, Ph.D. in Philology, Professor;
• S.V. Baranova, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor;
• O.M. Medvid, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor;
• L.V. Shchiglo, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor.
Since 1996, more than 15 candidates have defended their thesis at the department of Germanic philology, the specialty 10.02.04 - "Germanic Languages".
The total h-index and the total number of citations of research publications of the researches of the department of Germanic philology are verified by the Scopus database, WoS, Google Scholar and web address respective authors’ profiles and Authors ID.



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Shvachko Svitlana Oleksiivna 





Kobyakova Iryna Karpivna





Medvid Olena Mykolaivna

4 0 39


Tatsenko Nataliia Vitaliivna

3 1 42


Yemelyanova Olena Valerianivna

3 1 30


Baranova Svitlana Volodymyrivna

3 0 23


Yehorova Olesia Ivanivna

2 0 20


Popova Oleva Volodymyrivna

2 0 17

Every month the Faculty conducts inter-university linguistic seminar, which is a joint meeting of the departments of the faculty and the departments of foreign languages of other universities of Ukraine. The task of the Linguistic Seminar is to give the applicants and postgraduate students of the University and other universities of Ukraine the opportunity to share their achievements, to test them.
New forms of organization of research activity are gaining popularity: holding on-line conferences (inter-university student research conference) online in March-April; publications in other electronic editions.
Students are actively involved in research activities. Student problem-solving groups function at the department. Obtained results of linguistic research are introduced into the educational process in the form of methodological recommendations and manuals.


Department of Germanic Philology

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