4th-year students of the Specialty Philology have become the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ scientific works in the Germanic languages (English, German) held at Kyiv National Linguistic University in 2019-2020 academic year.
Valeriia Rava, a student of the group PR-62, has won the 1st place for the presented research paper «Gender differentiation of communicative strategies in English-speaking microblogging» (research supervisor - Assistant Professor Antonina Prokopenko ).

Senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology  Svetlana Ermolenko takes part in video seminars to improve the skills of German teachers "Democratic values ​​in teaching translation" from Association of Ukrainian Germanists with the support of the Hans Seidel Foundation in Ukraine.The first webinar was held on the topic of gender aspects in the German original and Ukrainian translation, presented by Professor Dr. Alla Paslavska.There were comparative rights between men and women, stereotypes of expression accepted in society, comparison of Ukrainian and German variants of gender-neutral language translation offered.

 Students-translators of the groups PR-72/1 and PR-73 and associate professor of the department of Germanic philology Olha Shumenko within the discipline "Translation of legal terminology" and in accordance with the study program, have visited Zarichnyi District Court of Sumy, but beause of the quarantine, surely, on-line.
The students were able to attend the hearing of the case regarding the open introduction to a citizen who violated the rules of the quarantine.

 On April 9th was held a webinar #SumDU_live devoted to the topic: Introduction of Innovative Educational Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching: Analysis of Practical Experience.
Speaker: Alla Krasulia, PhD in Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology, Deputy Dean for International Activities of the Faculty FPSC, head of the group of international academic cooperation organization of Sumy State University.The online venue of the meeting was the website of Sumy State University.

While all SumDU students are working during the quarantine using a variety of educational platforms, school graduates are preparing for this year Independent External Evaluation.
The lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology   Olena Kyrychenko helps them to work properly on the electronic platform Еxaminarium SumDU along with the lecturers of the Department of Applied  Mathematics and Modeling of Complex Systems Olha Litvinenko and Oksana Shovkoplias.

Students of the Department of Germanic Philology of SumDU actively continue to win prizes in the translation competitions.
Master student Iryna Kuts participated in the XI Interuniversity Competition of Young Translators, which was held at the Faculty of Linguistics and Social Communications of the National Aviation University, Kyiv.
In the light of last news and went on quarantine, the organizers had to slightly change the traditional procedure for holding the competition.

A third-year student-translator Mariia Rudenko became a scholar of the Erasmus+ International Academic Mobility Program in February and started her long journey in Iasi, Romania. She is now a student of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi and she shares her first impressions of studying and staying abroad.
“It was my biggest dream, and it finally cane true,” says Mariia. “A month and a half has already passed, I can’t even believe that the time is flying so fast. And it was definitely my best month in my life. For me, the word "Erasmus" is now associated with the word combination "for the first time".

SumDU students-translators have won in the IV International translation students competition "Translation as a means of ethno-lingual images of the world actualization", the results of which became clear on March 26th at the Institute of Foreign Philology of the National Pedagogical Drahomanov University.

Third-year students of the speciality "Philology" have discovered the power of Microsoft Office 365  and online applications OneNote, Sway, Publisher, Excel while studying the discipline "Basics of Computer Science and Applied Linguistics with expletive informative Module: Copywriting"
(Lecturers Larysa Hartsunova  and Antonina Prokopenko ). Microsoft Teams helps to hold meetings and video conferences, which is extremely important in the distance learning environment.

New conditions of studying encourage using new forms and methods of teaching. Under the guidance of Senior Lecturer Alla Krasulia, fourth-year students of the Department of Germanic Philology at SumDU study the discipline "Innovative educational technologies in foreign languages teaching" by mastering the newest means of teaching.

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