Congratulations to Alla Krasulia, PhD in Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer of Department of Germanic Philology on the III grade Diploma of Laureate of the competition “Best Academicians of SumDU 2018-2019” as a representative of the faculty of foreign philology and social communications. Wish successful implementation of all her educational and research ideas!


Student of the group PR-71 Mariia Rudenko and lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Anna Zinchenko represented their "Art-Space «Passage»" project at demonstration of students' projects, proposed by University Student Initiative Contest, which took place on November, 4th at Sumy State University.
They proposed to transform the hall between Electro-technical and Central Buildings into art space for artists among SumDU society.During the presentation they also discussed prior tasks, estimation and terms of realization. The project gained support from members of the jury and is going to be fully funded by SumDU Self-government.

We invite you to participate in the competition of poetry and artistic translation "AlterEgo", which is organized by the Department of Germanic Philology of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications of SumDU.
Competition date: March 13th 2020.

Details of the competition

November 6, 2019 the 3rd year students of specialization Translation(groups PR-72 and PR-73) and the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology  of SumDU Nataliia Prykhodko  attended a public hearing in Zarichnyi District Court in Sumy.
The students acquainted with such court innovations as participation in hearing using video conferencing, SMS as summons to court, application templates on the court website. The combination of classroom activities and practice has proven its efficiency for further development of students’ knowledge and practical skills, which is highly demanded by the employers.

On October 23-24, 2019 the events devoted to the Days of international cooperation were held at SumDU. Lecturers and students of the university could attend exhibitions, presentations, trainings and open lectures in academic mobility, best workshops for executing grant projects and the development of project ideas. Trainers and lecturers were scientists from the universities of Ireland, Germany, Nigeria, Poland, as well as representatives from American and British Council.
During the opening ceremony of the event, were awarded lecturers of the faculty of FPSC, who actively promote international partnership, in particular: Alla Krasulia, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Germanic Philology, Deputy Dean on International Affairs of the Faculty of FPSC; Olesia Yehorova Associate Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology.

Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar» invites you  to join a preparatory course for the ECL International Language Test, which confirms the proficiency in English at B2 level. 

One can join the preparatory course, if English proficiency is not below B1 level.  Upon completion of the course, students will pass ECL test, which is conducted by the Universal Testing Educational and Examination Center of Kyiv, based on the LinguoStar Translation and Resource Center (no need to go to Kiev).

It is the fourth time when School of European Languages, guided by the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko and the senior lecturer Antonina Chepeliuk, is looking for people who are interested in self-development and learning foreign languages. This academic year first meeting in was held on October 21st.
School of European Languages is becoming much more popular among youth, so this academic year the admission of students for classes has finished earlier. The English language group is already completed, but it is still possible to be recorded in the German language-learning group.

Sumy State University
Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications
Department of Germanic Philology
Translation Training and Resource Center “Linguo Star”

The Czech Language Courses

We invite pupils of 8-11 classes, their parents and all people who wish to master the Czech language at Level A1 (Beginner) and Level A 2 (Elementary)
Classes are given by the lecturer, member of the Association of the Czech Language Teachers as a Foreign Language -  Hanna V. Strelets (teaching experience more than 5 years).

ESOL is an international English language proficiency test at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The exam is developed by one of the UK's leading LanguageCert exam boards, which is regulated by the Ofqual Ministerial Department for Qualifications and Exams. The ESOL test meets the qualification criteria of the European Association of Language Test Developers (ALTE). Detailed information about the test can be found on the exam website

ESOL certification is widely recognized by employers, ministries and educational institutions in many countries around the world. The test result has an indefinite validity and needs no confirmation.

 October 18 within the framework of the students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office”  under the guidance of the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko  fourth year students of specialization «Translation» met their colleagues - sophomores. The girls spoke about studying and working in Germany, summer language courses, cultural backgrounds, everyday life and opportunities to visit the country.
The first who shared her impressions after an unforgettable trip was Alina Ponomarenko, a fourth-year student. After the 3rd year of studying the girl went to Germany to work. She highlighted the sincerity, the willingness to help and the open-mindedness of the Germans.

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