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26 January 2021


 The second year #SumDU_translators of the group PR-91 Alina Serdiuk and Hlafira Mazur joined the online webinar the "Formula for a motivational letter" from the community on the international educational programs and studying abroad "UniStudy Community" on January 21th.
The experienced manager of the UniStudy website and the head of the community Hanna Tron shared valuable and informative tips on how to write a motivational letter for a successful application for various projects.
The peculiarities of the structure and the differences of motivational letters for work, for volunteering, for internship, for getting grants and for studying abroad were considered. Listeners also found out about diverse techniques and useful schemes concerned the rational arranging of thoughts. Hanna answered the most frequently asked questions: how to start writing a letter, what is not necessary to point out, how to present yourself properly and what are the opportunities for applicants? Apart from that, the moderator shared her own experience with failure stories emphasizing that you should never give up and it is better to try again all the time because to the one who knocks the door will be opened.
– Personally I learnt that the motivational letter must have a certain structure because my previous attempts of writing it looked like an all-in-one composition about everything. I also took into account that participation in school contests and certificates are unlikely to be needed but the latest achievements at the university might come in handy, - Alina shares her new acquired experience.

Yuliia Huzenko, student of the group PR-91
Translated by Alina Serdiuk, student of the group PR-91


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