Post Date:
12 April 2020

Senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology  Svetlana Ermolenko takes part in video seminars to improve the skills of German teachers "Democratic values ​​in teaching translation" from Association of Ukrainian Germanists with the support of the Hans Seidel Foundation in Ukraine.The first webinar was held on the topic of gender aspects in the German original and Ukrainian translation, presented by Professor Dr. Alla Paslavska.There were comparative rights between men and women, stereotypes of expression accepted in society, comparison of Ukrainian and German variants of gender-neutral language translation offered.

The second webinar was devoted to the issue of fake news for a democratic society.Mr. Nikolay Teufel, a staff member of the Bayreuth University Teacher Training Center, Learnopolis Project Manager for Digital Education in Contemporary Education, presented the topic of misinformation and its impact on people's consciousness through media distortion via examples, facts and figures. During the group discussions, the webinar participants discussed their own use of fake news topics in DaF lessons to develop media competence and cognitive capacity of young people. In total 7 webinars are scheduled for the workshop, which will take place during April 2020.

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