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09 November 2018


Senior lecturer of the department of Germanic Philology Iryna Ushchapovska was invited by Sumy Department of Education to interpret during negotiations of the project of the representatives of European Investment Bank and accompany them.

At the beginning of November the meeting of the head of the Sumy city Mykola Lysenko and the vice-head Vira Motrechko had a meeting with specialists of managing and supporting group for the Program of the development of the city municipal infrastructure represented by members of European Investment Bank Jan William Lerh and Grigorios Krallis.

 The aim of the meeting was to discuss the current status of the project „Rising the Energyeffectiveness in Pre-schooling Institutions of Sumy“ and to agree further steps of ist fulfillment. The project is planned for 33 Sumy institutions.

The final part was visiting pre-schooling institutions to compare energyeffectiveness before starting the project and after ist implementation.

High professionalism of the lecturer of the department of Germanic philology made the meeting to be held on the proper level and detailed discussion of the Project possible.

Larysa Dehtiarova,
sinior lecturer of the department of Germanic Philology

Department of Germanic Philology

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