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08 February 2021

 Olha Shumenko, Associate Professor at the Department of Germanic Philology together with her British colleagues under the auspices of the UK Government has been actively involved in the Her Majesty Government, which has many years of multi-agency experience and represents all aspects of training.
This project offers a variety of customised training sessions for those who work directly with children, young people and students, as well as a wide range of organisations: Sky News, Anglia TV, BBC Radio, BBC TV and Daily Mirror.
Associate Professor Olha Shumenko successfully completed all four stages of the e-learning course and received certificates from HM Government, Great Britain, London. Each certificate generates a code that contains the information within Her Majesty Government Project files.
Congratulations and wishes for further success!

Antonina Prokopenko,

Associate Professor at the Department of Germanic Philology


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