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14 January 2021

First-year students of specialty Philology Kateryna Knyha, Anastasіia Liubych, Anastasіia Sierysheva, and Anna Shcherbak took online courses on the FutureLearn platform, which were offered by senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic  Philology  Iryna Ushchapovska within the discipline the Theory of Language Communication Fundamentals.
Future experts share their impressions:
- The course "An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes, and Identity" is actually very interesting and I did not regret that I chose this one. I liked that the articles and new information are supported by a variety of videos and most importantly real-life examples. I was also impressed with the results of the research provided in this course. Most people do have a preconceived notion of different accents and dialects, namely that some are even considered abnormal and unacceptable. I think this is a real problem, as it affects a person's daily life, - shares Anastasiia Sierysheva.
- Personally, I really liked the course "An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes, and Identity". I am very glad to have learned so much about sociolinguistics. It was interesting to read research on the impact of a person's emphasis on him or her and the current issues that people face based on this. I do not regret a single minute spent on this course. Thank you for such a wonderful recommendation! - says Anastasiia Liubych.

- I'm very thankful that I had an opportunity to take part in the "Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Language and Culture" course. I learned a lot of new information relevant to intercultural communication. It was a good way to know something new about the principles of effective communication, - says Anna Shcherbak, still remaining on the wave of the English language.

- I chose the course for a long time because they were all interesting, but then, after thinking about everything, they seemed too easy. Therefore, "An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes, and Identity" became the best option. I was particularly interested in researching the interaction between accent changes and identity. One example of this connection between language and identity is how people perceive their accents. Attention was paid to the letter "r" and how it is pronounced by the British and Scots. Audio materials and videos have become integral aids and, in an accessible way, helped to better understand the material. So, the course from FutureLearn made only a positive impression on me and interested me in sociolinguistics, so in the future I plan to deepen the study of this topic, - thanks Kateryna Knyha.

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