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Офіс подорожей

Шановні друзі!

 Студентський країнознавчий гурток «Офіс подорожей», що діє при перекладацькому навчально-методичному центрі “LinguoStar” кафедри германської філології,  запрошує друзів на нову зустріч 2 квітня в аудиторії Г-807 о 12.45!

 Подорожуємо до Китаю! 

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Translation students explored the twist and turns of royal life

Students of the 2nd year of specialization Translation received an unusual task, for which it was necessary to connect the entire stock of creativity, knowledge of English, the skills of assembling and ability to work in a team. To deepen their knowledge of the life of the royal family under the direction of the teacher of translation practice Olena Nazarenko the students prepared projects on "The Royalty". Someone has chosen a talk show form, someone has searched for unknown facts about the most famous family in Britain, and someone else himself tried on the role of granddaughter or queen's sister.

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DAAD unite both people and science

On the 21st of March, students of the Department of Germanic Philology took part in All-Ukrainian event called “Wandering days of German language” (Deutschmobil 2018), which was organised in the context of the Ukrainian-German languages year and held by the lecturers of German association of academic exchange (DAAD) Carsten Grunwaldt, Ania Lange and Danni Klapper. First and utmost the meeting was dedicated to get acquainted with Germany and to increase of SSU students’ knowledge about academic mobility.

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After all, the spring is coming

 After all the spring is coming, decided the future translators of the PR-52 group, and together with their lecturer, Olena Nazarenko, visited an extraordinary exhibition held in the literary living room of the Sumy State University. Students were able to get inspired by the spring mood of the great works of the Honoured Artist of  Ukraine Oleksandr Cherednichenko. Extremely wonderful and detailed lecture on the creation of works and technique used by the artist was conducted with enthusiasm by Alla Krekshina, the chief librarian of mass work.

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Let’s go to “EU Open for YOU: Towards Opportunities”!

Do you feel like a European since your birth and dream of becoming a part of the globalized society? Do you want to deepen your knowledge about the EU and the Bologna process? Do you have a sheer desire to combine studying with discovering new corners of the world? Then, we are waiting for YOU and your friends at our lecture-briefing “EU Open for YOU: Towards Opportunities”!

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