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Sumy State University offers Polish language courses for Sumy residents.

 On October 7, courses on the study of the Polish language at the Translation Training and Resource Center "LinguoStar" of Department of Germanic Philology in the Sumy State University and at the SSU Scientific library  have successfully begun. More than 30 hearers were interested in the courses. The opportunity to learn Polish has aroused the interest among different age groups of Sumy residents — from schoolchildren and students to their parents. Among those who want to attend courses — entrepreneurs, teachers, civil servants, etc. Oleksandr Kobyakov, the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Electronics and Computer Technology, conducted the first lesson on acquaintance with the fundamental rules of the Polish language and with the history of the Poland.

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Across the Expanses of Armenia

3rd year student of specialisation Translation Anastasiia Korotun has become the only representative of free territory of Ukraine who took part in the youth exchange on intercultural learning and visual thinking “Learn Connect Express 2” hold in Aghveran, Armenia.

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PR-campaign from SSU Translators

Our 3rd year students of specialisation Translation are certain that teaching staff and students as well should concentrate not merely on polishing the university’s image but on promoting and improving the content of research and teaching. Therefore, they have decided to bring our university to the attention of the surrounding environment.

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Travel Office acquainted students with the culture of the South African Republic

            Students’ club of  linguistic and cultural studies "Travel Office" headed by lecturer of the department of the Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko organized an ocasional meeting on October, 2nd. Students of the 1st, 3rd and 4th years of studying of the specialization “Translation”, as well as the lecturers Larysa Hartsunova, Vitalii Dorda, and Olena Popova attended that event. The considerable reason for it was the visit of guests from the South African Republic to the department of Germanic philology.

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