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Bardzo in German!

3rd year student of specialisation “Translation” Anastasiia Korotun became the only participant from Sumy and the youngest participant of the specialized course “Gemeinsame Erinnerungsorte: eine Geschichte mit vielen Vergangenheiten” (eng.“Common Memory Spaces: One History with Many Pasts") financed by DAAD that took place from December 4 till December 9 in Katowice, Poland. Our student had an incredible opportunity to practice her German language skills amongst native speakers i.e. DAAD-lecturers, as well as masters, doctoral students and newly-educated teachers.

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We sincerely congratulate

Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Philological Sciences

Olena Medvid

  on the occasion of her birthday!

You’re a miracle and a charm!

Let you have happiness and good fortune without problems and troubles.

We wish you sound health – gain your vital energy from the life itself!

 Have good spirits and eternal youth of your heart! Happy birthday!

With kind regards,

teaching and support staff of the Department of Germanic Philology

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Travel Office

Dear friends!

Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office” in Translation Training Center “LinguoStar” of the Department of Germanic Philology makes you an appointment on December, 19th in the lecture room ET-216 at 12.45!

Let’s travel to Germany!

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By the indicators of 2017 Germanic philology Department hold the 3 and 4 places among the Sumy State University departments in the nomination of the number of presented lecturers’ academic groundworks in a world scientific ResearchGate net which join the scientists from more than 200 countries. The users of ResearchGate net can share their base of releases, have forums and methodical discussions, create their own blogs.

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The concert in honor of the World AIDS Day with the support of the Druga Rika and Van Holzen rock-bands

         As the volunteer, the student of "Translation" specialization  Marharyta Polupan was involved in the organization of the concert dedicated to the World AIDS Day, which took place in Kiev on the 1st of December. The event was organized by the German company - GIZ - under the frame of  "Don’t Give AIDS a Chance!" program, with the support of partners: the Ministry of Health Care in Ukraine, the Center of Public Health Care of the MHC in Ukraine and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS in Ukraine.

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