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The concert in honor of the World AIDS Day with the support of the Druga Rika and Van Holzen rock-bands

         As the volunteer, the student of "Translation" specialization  Marharyta Polupan was involved in the organization of the concert dedicated to the World AIDS Day, which took place in Kiev on the 1st of December. The event was organized by the German company - GIZ - under the frame of  "Don’t Give AIDS a Chance!" program, with the support of partners: the Ministry of Health Care in Ukraine, the Center of Public Health Care of the MHC in Ukraine and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS in Ukraine.


         The main stars of the day were the rock groups: Druga Rika - from the side of Ukraine and Van Holzen - from Germany. It was the very exciting concert that will be retained in viewers‘ memory for a long time!

         Marharyta said inspiringly: “To be engaged in such the event ab intra, to talk with the representatives of Germany and Ukraine, to gain experience in holding such the concert - and all of these are for the benefit of the good cause. It’s is truly worthwhile!”.


Anatoliy Kobzar, PR-64

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