On May 14th, the Science Day was held on the main square of our university. The event was large, rich and varied. All faculties prepared interesting presentations of their own specialties for future entrants, and the cultural and artistic center took care of the concert program and the fun atmosphere of the holiday.

Students and lecturers of the Department of Germanic philology took an active part in the presentation of specialization "Translation", popularization the study of foreign languages and entertaining program for all present. The pupils took an active part in the quest, polls and quizzes with sweet and useful prizes, organized by the teachers Anna Zinchenko, Olena Nazarenko and students of groups PR-71 and PR-61. They were able to demonstrate their knowledge of literature and culture of English-speaking countries and to receive sweets for it, special cookies, books in English and German and compete for the main prize. All interested schoolchildren were able to check the level of proficiency in English, using special tests, and decorate themselves with the symbols of countries whose languages are taught at the Department of Germanic Philology. Boys and girls in national costumes of Germany and the United Kingdom created special atmosphere of holiday.

The Science Day is a holiday that helps the entrants learn more about our university, the desirable specialties and understand that the process of knowing new things can be really interesting and effective at the same time. Marina Lapshyna, pupil of school №9 shared her impressions "I'm glad that today I came to this holiday, learned a lot of useful information, talked with students, won many prizes for participating in contests and this wonderful book in English in a quiz from the department of Germanic philology ".

Kateryna Bania, Daryna Bondarenko
students of group PR-61