On April, 22 students of group PR-63 of Department of Germanic Philology visited the court of Zarichnyi district in frames of studying the discipline "Juridicial Terminology" (the lecturer is asossiate professor of the Department, candidate of Philological Sciences Olha Shumenko). 

Future interpreters went through lobby and halls, in which defendants usually stay before court sittings, saw conditions under which they wait for their sentences and how exactly they get into chamber of "waiting" for hearing of own case.

Court officials told about conditions and retention period of documentation, about cases, which are heard prevalently, and cases, which was on hearing the longest.

The oldest cases dates back to times of opening of the Court of Zarichnyi district, in other words they are more than 40 years old. In addition, students had chance to receive access to court database and find there information about any person, which was brought to criminal responsibility just for once. 

 The next and the most interesting point of visiting of this authority was the court sitting, on which the criminal case was heard. Discussions on case, which was entertained, did not calm down for a long time and everyone had own point of view, which was formulated on English by the rules of juridicial philology.

Mariia Klymenko,
student of the group PR-61