Recently, the students of the academic group PR-71/1 have visited the Sumy Regional Museum of Local Lore as a part of their study activities within the topic “Ukraine and Ukrainians”. The museum guides provided the students with a historical-ethnographic tour focusing on the history of Sumy region from ancient to modern times.

The museum collection features about 45,000 exhibits, whose variety has extremely impressed the future translators. Among those are archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic, and paleontological collections, valuable historical documents, limited-edition books, and household items. The students had an opportunity to visit the exposition “Female Image in the Mirror of Time”. Traditionally, every spring, the Sumy Regional Museum of Local Lore exposes a retrospective exhibition for Sumy citizens and city visitors. This year, the museum exhibits women’s attires and accessories, samples of cosmetic products and handicraft items of the late 19th – mid 20th centuries. Antique furniture and artisanal goods combine into improvised interior compositions and create an atmosphere of hospitality and coziness. One of the exhibition thematic highlights is the collection of photographs by Viacheslav Moloshenko who introduced the images of women from Sumy region in different perspectives: profession, life, family, beauty, and love. The students had an incredible opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of their homeland. So, they encourage each and everyone to visit the museum.

Anastasiia Korotun, PR-51