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15 March 2021

Translation is very important in our life. Its main purpose is to establish a system of connections between different cultures and peoples, to eliminate barriers and misunderstandings.

The work of the translator is extremely responsible and difficult, because the task is not to outshine the author, but remain invisible, and at the same time allow the reader to feel the author’s style fully.

The history of Sumy State University is closely connected with the history of Ukrainian translation and translation studies. We fulfill not only literary translation, but also scientific works. A translator is a mediator between two languages and two cultures. The level of understanding between the two nations depends on our work.

Today, translation has taken on a huge scale, and this greatly increases the demands on the standards of work. If in the past in Ukraine mainly literary translation was performed, which played an important role in the formation of our national culture, today translation has spread to various spheres of activity.

The development of various spheres of life in Ukraine depends very much on how our teachers will work. As the employers of advanced enterprises and stakeholders of the educational program "Germanic languages and literatures (translation included), SumDU. 95 percent of our graduates are employed. Employers begin working with students as early as the 3rd or 4th year and share with them practical knowledge and achievements.

March 12, the annual Poetry and Literary Translation Competition Alter Ego, hosted by the Department of German Philology at SumDU, was held. Winners were chosen in four nominations: poems in Ukrainian, literary translations from English, literary translations from German, and poems in English or German. It should be noted that this year's the organizers of the competition received more than 140 works from authors, students and pupils from all over Ukraine.

The jury traditionally included the head of the jury Iryna Kobyakova – PhD in Philology, Professor, Svitlana Shvachko - Doctor of Philology, Professor, as well as other representatives of the department. Also at the ceremony the winners were announced.


Nomination “Poems in Ukrainian”:

First place – Yuliia Chimyrys, SumDU

Second place – Ruslana Yashchenko, CUSPU

Third place – Oleksandra Salnikova, CUSPU


Nomination “Literary translations from English”:

First place – Daria Kondratenko, KNU

Second place – Daria Ivanova, SumDU

Third place – Ariana Nazarenko, pupil of the club “Steps to English” at the Children's and Youth Creativity Center, Sencha, Poltava region


Nomination “Literary translations from German”:

First place – Olha Honcharova, SumDU

Second place – Alona Kovalenko, SumDU

Third place – Oleksandra Kucheruk, SumDU


Nomination “Poems in English/German”:

First place – Daria Ivanova, SumDU

Second place – Ivan Stepanenko, CUSPU

Third place – Karolina Salamashenko, CUSPU

The winners were awarded the diplomas.

It's nice to realize that this year's Alter EGO competition contributed to the discovery of new talents, enrichment of scientific and educational traditions and was a source of inspiration and left you with unforgettable impressions. The traditional Alter EGO Contest is extremely important for the education of the young generation of translators and translation experts, and brings together young translators from all over Ukraine.

Video of the awarding ceremony is available by the link:

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