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17 December 2020

Students of #department_GPh_SumDU, specialty “Philology” have won awards in the Competition of poems translations from the German language, which was held by the Association of Ukrainian Germanists in Sumy.

The first place was taken by Diana Lysenko (4th year student).
The second place was awarded to Hrinchenko Mariia and Daria Ivanova (4th year student).
The third place was taken by Karina Vedmydera (2nd year student).
The students proved to be not only skilful translators, but also creative, gifted individuals who managed to convey accurately the idea and form of the suggested poem for translation, dedicated to the teacher.
 - People who have chosen the profession of a teacher or a translator should be smart and deeply educated, have professional knowledge, be communicative, widely developed in various spheres of life, and, what is most important, love and respect the work they do, -  the winner of the competition Diana Lysenko is absolutely convinced.
Lecturers of the department GPh Anna Zinchenko, Diana Movchan, Maryna Chernyk, who supervised the participants while working on translations, note that the students worked diligently and with inspiration.
Congratulations to the winners and all participants! We wish them creative inspiration and further success in the translations!

Anastasiia Ostrokomorets, Kateryna Avdiievska, students of the group PR-72

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