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30 November 2020

A student majoring in Philology Anastasiia Chasovskykh took part in the International Scientific Online Conference "Versatility of Kamal Abdullah's Creativity in the Context of World Literature".

The event, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the public figure, Doctor of Philology, Professor and People's Writer of Azerbaijan Kamal Abdullah, was held on November 26 at the Iasi University named after Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Romania).
Representatives of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia took part in the online conference. The only speaker from Ukraine was a student of SumDU.
In her report, Anastasiia Chasovskykh presented the analysis of the modern readers’ perception of the world-famous writer’s works, and emphasized the importance of further research into multiculturalism and anthroponymy.
Kamal Abdullah expressed his sincere gratitude to the participants of the conference for the conducted scientific work and interest in the eternal issues and values of literature of other countries. According to him, nothing motivates you to start writing a new novel or poem like understanding what you will be heard and understood.
- You, my dear friends, - the writer emphasized, - push me forward and help to realize creative ideas. Do not let the thirst for knowledge go out, create your own history!
Participation in the International Conference was for Anastasiia Chasovskykh a continuation of cooperation with Iasi University named after Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Last year, the girl underwent a three-month internship under the Erasmus+ program and proved herself as a diligent and active student.
- Anastasiia has her own approach to scientific research, she always works meticulously and persistently, - says the girl's supervisor, a lecturer at the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko. - Anastasiia responded to the invitation to take part in the conference with great interest. Although the topic was new to her, the student decided not to miss the opportunity to prove herself, and as a result, worthily represented our university at the international level.
Anastasiia Chasovskykh shared her thoughts on participating in the International Conference:
- Even after completing my internship in Romania, I keep in touch with the teaching staff of Iasi University. We are constantly exchanging scientific experience and interesting areas of research. Honestly, every time I am overwhelmed by warm emotions from the feeling of unity and mutual understanding. Despite the thousands of kilometers, different languages, countries, traditions, we are all united by one thing - the thirst for knowledge and a tireless desire to share new interesting experiences with the world. Such events are inspiring. And you understand that many years of study were not in vain, because young people have a happy future. A future where there are no barriers.
Mariia Rudenko, student of the group PR-71



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