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01 December 2020


November 30 #SumDU_translators within the Travel Office had the opportunity to meet with the 3rd year student Enzhela Netrebych, who has just returned from Bulgaria, where she had worked for 2.5 months.

Enzhela has been successfully combining work and studies for the second year, and this time she had the opportunity to work abroad, namely in Bulgaria. This country is full of beautiful landscapes: both the mountains and the sea, so working in Bulgaria is a great opportunity to both work and have a rest at the same time. The girl talked about studying opportunities, interesting facts and her own experience, which you will not find in the Internet, and also gave some pieces of advice on employment abroad in general. She also presented many charming photos taken during the trip. Furthermore, enthusiastic students had the chance to ask what they were interested in, and get a first-hand answer.
The students of the PR-01 group together with their curator Vladyslava Kulish learned a lot of interesting things about this sunny country, about the realities of life and work in Bulgaria. Despite the quarantine and distance learning, all interested students have the opportunity to go on visiting the Travel Office under the guidance of the lecturer Olena Nazarenko online.
The Travel Office always organizes interesting meetings with new guests who are happy to share their experience. So, join next month to learn something new!

Vladyslava Bohdanovych, a student of the group PR-81


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