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20 November 2020

Master students of the Department of Germanic philology  (including Polina Kashenko, Yelyzaveta Savchenko, Iryna Zabolotna) and associate professor of the department, PhD in Philology Olha Shumenko attended the educational webinar provided by Oleksandr Bondarenko – co-founder of the Vox Translatorum

educational initiative, founder of the educational initiative CAT for Grad, co-founder of Translation summer school, coordinator of sectors “Ways of optimization for future interpreters’ translation practices”, “Using informational technologies for translation” of All-Ukrainian union of translation teachers.
The meeting was held online in Q&A format, where everyone received useful information on employment opportunities. Students also were able to ask questions about job search, full-time vacancies for interpreter and freelancers, received website addresses where they can offer their services in the marketplace. There was also a live discussion on the issue how important it is to have a Degree in Translation and whether it is possible to achieve career growth without it and how to start working abroad quickly.
Such meetings are important for each of the parties, since employers can find new employees, and students have the opportunity to find a good job.

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