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20 November 2020

It`s the fifth time the School of European Languages under the guidance of lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko and senior lecturer Antonina Chepeliuk, has been looking for people willing for self-improvement and learning foreign languages. This academic year the first meeting took place on November 14.

The School of European Languages is gaining more and more traction among the rising generation. This year it has already united students of different specialties of SumDU. They enrolled in the courses en masse and were eager to improve their communicative skills. At the first class they lively shared the experience of participating in exchange programs gained at SumDU and their impressions from traveling abroad.

The first meeting of this year began with speeches of headmasters. Lecturer Olena Nazarenko congratulated the students on the opening, told about the singularities of studying and wished inspiration and success. Senior lecturer Antonina Chepeliuk introduced the 4th year students of specialty "Philology", who would go into teaching at the School of European Languages during of their teaching practice. Antonina Dmytrivna told about the achievements and accomplishments of students, their internships abroad and the positive feedback they bring from around the world.

Director of the Translation Training and Resource Center "Liguostar" associate professor Olha Zhulavska also joined to the congratulations on the occasion of the opening. She wished the students interesting classes and pleasure from the learning process and told about additional opportunities to improve language skills, make translations or take certified international exams.


And then began the most interesting part! It was getting to know the audience, sharing experiences, discussing travel and stereotypes about the people of certain countries and watching thematic videos. And all these activities were in English under the guidance of the 4th year student Anastasiia Chasovskyh. The listeners simply could not be stopped, so everyone agreed on the next meeting on November 21 at 11:00.

We remind you that classes are absolutely free and they will be conducted on Saturdays until May 2021. So register for the courses (e-mail address for registration This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), follow us on our social networks,, and join the class at the link

Alina Serdiuk, group PR-91

Translated by Hlafira Mazur, group PR-91

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