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30 September 2020


#SumDU_translators had an opportunity to find out about studying and living in China from the first-hand. This time `Travel Office` visited a graduate of the Department of Germanic Philology Galyna Tymoshchuk. Thus, students of the first-fourth years of studying accompanied by their lecturers Olena Medvid, Alla Krasulia and Olena Nazarenko quickly filled the room, as they wanted to hear about ample perspectives for them from SumDU.

Galina got a Master`s degree and for a while she was working at the Department of International Relations of SumDU when she decided to take part in the program of studying in China and got a grant. Since then her life has incredibly changed. Seven years at a stretch she was living in this enigmatic country. During the first year she was intensively 24/7 studying Chinese and after that she was admitted to studying in the selected specialization. A few years after finishing and getting a diploma she was working as an English teacher for Chinese students.
National dishes, the Great Chinese Wall, the Terracotta Army, Chinese holidays, specifics of living in a Chinese dormitory – it seems that there is no theme Galina didn`t tell the students from her personal experience. The students for their part asked her a bunch of questions – and this was in beautiful English during almost an hour a half! Then there was exchanging of contacts, little pieces life advice and guidelines!
`Travel Office` is always happy to introduce its visitors interesting guests and share the information, which you cannot read in the Internet. Thus, necessarily join us next time!

Translated by Hlafira Mazur, student of the group PR-91

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