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11 September 2020

Six months ago, the possibility of distance learning frightened students. "How will lectures and practical classes be conducted?", "How will we write module works?", "How will we pass exams?", and "How to defend a thesis in such conditions?" - they wondered. As it turned out, there was no reason to worry.
#SumDU_translators along with lecturers completed the previous academic year and started a new one. So we asked them what they think about this year. And that's what they say about it.

- Primarily it was not easy to get used to the new conditions. It seemed that we got several times more work. But safety and health come first. Therefore, my colleagues and I quickly got used to teaching in new conditions. Thanks to students for their discipline! - the lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko shares her impressions.
- At first, distance learning seemed like something terrible, - admits Anastasiia Ivanchenko, a second-year student of the specialty "Journalism". - We had studied for only six months offline and had already seemed to get used to such a schedule. But the quarantine made its adjustments. It was extremely difficult to get used to the new conditions. However, thanks to our lecturers’ advertency and willingness to come and help, I was able to complete this academic year successfully. Despite the complicated schedules, lecturers always have found time to deal with all problems and issues of students. And this is what I appreciate in my department.
Here is what the third-year student of the specialty “Germanic Languages and Literature (Translation included)” Mariia Hartsunova says: "Distance and mixed forms of learning once again emphasized efficiency, high awareness, and competence of lecturers. Now we can say for sure that Sumy State University (including the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications as well as the Department of Germanic Philology) will overcome everything and studying will continue at the same high level under any circumstances! So, without a doubt, I sincerely advise current and future entrants to join our friendly and progressive family! We always keep up with modern changes and technologies. Being together we can overcome any challenges!"

Alina Lutskovska and Alina Liuta, students of the group PR-81 

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