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25 May 2020

 Life during quarantine is seething for both teachers of the Department of Germanic Philology and students of the specialty "Philology". Students-translators of the group PR-81 (they are in the photo) decided to share their impressions and hopes.
- Choosing a university, I focused first of all on the advantage of modern forms of education that meet European standards.

The availability of distance and mixed forms of education, because I was planning to participate in academic exchange programmes, that can last either a month or a year," - said Mariia Hartsunova.-That is why I chose the specialty of translation at SumDU: here I do not have to terminate my education and lose a year, there are many real opportunities to combine study and internship in Poland, Spain, Germany, USA, UK and China.
I absolutely adore modern technical means of learning foreign languages and conference interpreting, - shares Alina Liuta. - I look forward to the subject where we will be prepared for such foreign language exams as TOEFL, IELTS and ECL. Or I'll register for preparation courses for these exams, if the need to pass these exams arises earlier.
- And we have already gained our victories this year! - Alina Lutskovska and Liliia Danylenko are boasting. They've won the 2nd and the 3rd places in the IV International translation students competition "Translation as a means of ethno-lingual images of the world actualization".
- I want to thank to the department for ingrained love to scientific research, which I am delighted with. This year I have published my own piece of research in English, participated in the scientific-practical conference "Translation Innovations", - Valeriia Nikytenko shares. - And you know, I will probably continue this path: ahead of publishing in foreign scientific journals, writing scientific papers, winning student contests.
- Personally, I am grateful for the flexible approach to the organization of studying and the opportunity to draw up an individual schedule, because I have found a good job and I do not want to lose it. However, I need a decent education, - admits Enzhela Netrebych. - So the parallel  form of education is clearly mine, if not for a bachelor's degree, then for a master's degree for sure: I am determined to get a master's degree in philology here with the addition of a European standard. And another parallel - a good opportunity for students from any specialty to enter "Philology"!!! I need to tell my friends!
- I am very glad that I have such persistent students that the university is proud of and who confirm that FPSC is the #best_faculty_ in_ galaxy, - the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko reveals the secret. - We do everything to make yesterday's school graduates and today's students excellent professionals. And joint cooperation lecturer-student is the best tandem in general!
This is how second-year students of the specialty "Philology" of the educational program "Germanic languages and literatures (translation included)" live. The same saturation awaits those who plan, and maybe have already decided to study languages at the Department of Germanic Philology, Faculty FPSC of SumDU! And students are waiting for careful preparation and writing their module works! No quarantine will interfere with studying.

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