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22 May 2020

Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications and The Department of Germanic Philology invite you to join a friendly family of professional philologists!
Take just a few pivotal steps, start studying the Master's program in Philology, and get a Master’s degree in Philology with a European diploma!!!
Step 1. Fill in the application form
Step 2. Send scans or photocopies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:
completed application forms (download here) needed to implement the examination form;
identity document;

tax payer’s card (except for persons who, because of their religious beliefs, refuse to receive the taxpayer’s registration card number);
a certificate issued at the place of study, on the basis of the planned completion of studies and the achievement of a diploma in the year
of admission or the degree of higher education (educational level)
- only for those who complete their studies in the current year at higher military educational establishments (higher educational establishments with specific teaching conditions) and whose personal data are not entered in the Unified State electronic database on education;
photographs for documents (color or black and white) showing the age of the applicant;
medical report in the form of primary records 086-3/o (if special conditions need to be created for the Single Entrance Examination / Single Introductory Test).
Step 3. Get a scanned copy of the examination form to the e-mail address specified in the application form and the information page «Applicant's Office», which is accessed according to the number of the examination sheet and the PIN code specified in it.
•    Modern European Standard Forms of Education, Distance Learning and Mixed Forms of Education
•    Teaching by experienced lecturers-researchers, professors, and PhDs who have completed their internships at leading foreign universities
•    Modern technology for  foreign language teaching
•    Opportunity to study and pass international language examinations TOEFL, IELTS, ECL, both as part of the curriculum and on request

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