Post Date:
20 March 2020

The Хth All-Ukrainian students’ scientific conference «Translation Innovations» , scheduled on March 20th-21st, 2020 by the Department of Germanic Philology of Sumy State University, was held distantly. The proceedings of the conference include the works of 96 participants, among them there are representatives of 6 higher educational institutions of such cities as Sumy, Kyiv, Lutsk, Zaporizhzhia, Batumi (Georgia), as well as the students of Sumy specialized school of I – III degrees №7 and Sumy regional gymnasium boarding school for talented and creatively gifted children.

The conference focused on the outstanding problems of translation studies, modern linguistics and literary studies, which were reflected in the work of such sections as: language picture of the world and intercultural communication, discourse linguistics: linguistic features, current issues of applied and cognitive linguistics, translational studios: traditional and innovative approaches and methods.
The theoretical issues of linguistics, translation and literary studies (purposes, issues, methodological foundations and basic concepts) were researched in the reports of our leading scientists: Professors, Doctors of Philology Shvachko S.O., Anokhina T.O., Aroshydze M.V., Tatsenko N.V., PhD in Philology Kobyakova I.K., Baranova S.V., Medvid O.M., Zhulavska O.O., Yehorova O.I., Prokopenko A.V., Krasulia A.V., postgraduates and students.
The Department of Germanic Philology welcomes the participants of the Хth All-Ukrainian students’ scientific conference, and invites everyone to take part in the conference next year.

Conference Proceedings