Post Date:
16 September 2019

This summer, Vitalii Dorda , PhD of the Department of Germanic Philology , finished his traineeship in China.
His Internship started in autumn 2018. He got a grant from Shanghai University, which was based on the Institute of foreign languages. The purpose of the training was to compare the differences between teaching methodologies in Chinese schools and linguistic centres according to the international demands. Educators from Croatia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan and India also participated in the traineeship.
Vitalii Dorda researched the new ways of teaching English in Chinese schools in consideration of cultural and national diversity, because one of the main issues in China is a qualitative preparing for the international exams.

“There had been a lot of theoretical work in the beginning. I got acquainted with Chinese educational system, studied peculiarities in teaching foreign languages in China and other countries. During the practical part of the internship I was to test different approaches in the field, predominantly creative and communicative. I used to hold seminars and trainings to share achievements, experience, observations and ideas to solve some situations connected with the organization of the educational process in their field of study”, - shared his experience Vitalii Oleksandrovych. “Eventually, I want to say that I had a great chance to visit a completely different world or even planet full of new amazing technologies”.

Larysa Dehtiarova,
lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology