Post Date:
05 April 2019

Doctor of  Philology, Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology,  Svitlana Shvachko  and Candidate of  Philological Sciences, Professor of  the  Department of Germanic  Philology,  Iryna Kobyakova presented the results of their scientific research at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Philosophy of Language and New Trends in Translation Studies and Linguistics" which took place in the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kyiv.

Colleagues from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Germany, the United States of America and other countries studied the topical issues of translation. Svitlana Oleksiivna presented a report on “Lexeme little vs polyfunctionality» and Iryna Karpivna researched «Linguistic mechanism of humour».

Full version of the reports