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05 April 2019

On the April 3rd by the initiative of the Department of Internationalization of Educational Activities (IEA) and with promotion of  Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office” was organized an event for the faculties of IFSK and ELIT which was entitled "International mobility: how does it work?". The Interest was expressed both by students of these faculties and by lecturers of the Department of Germanic Philology: Olena Nazarenko, Svitlana Yermolenko, Antonina Chepeliuk, Anna Zinchenko, Iryna Ushchapovska and others.

The event began with a questionnaire of interested students and with introductory statement by the head of the department - Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Nadiia Kostiuchenko  who told about the task of International Affairs Office (IAO), also she presented relevant international programs and introduced the coordinators of international activities: PhD in Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer,  Vice Dean of International Relations, Alla Krasulia and PhD student of the Department of Computer Sciences, Deputy Dean of the ELIT faculty for international affairs, Yuliia Kasianenko.

Then student of specialization translation, Anastasiia Korotun and student of  ELIT faculty, Ruslan Tumakov shared their stories of successful participation in international projects and programs, accompanying this stories with presentations of their achievements. The students were so enthralled by stories of their colleagues that they asked a bunch of questions for Nastya and Ruslan.

At the end of the event was a lottery that was held among the students and its winners received small gifts.

Students willingly promised to actively participate in academic mobility programs and come to a further meeting of International Affairs Office because they got good motivation and tips for the next steps.

Anastasiia Kapustina, PR-71

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