Students of the specialty Germanic languages and literatures (translation included), the first language is English, Bachelor degree programme, have the opportunity to undertake an internship in translation at the following enterprises:

• Sumy regional state administration
• Sumy chamber of commerce and industry
• “Guala Closures Ukraine”
• “Gualapack”
• “Kerameya”
• Translation agency “Suchasni movy” (“Modern languages”)
• Red Cross Society
• “Technologia”
• TOV “Biotekhnik”
• JSC "Sumy Machine-Building Science-and-Production Association"
• “Vitchizna”
• Charity fund “SAGACITAS-Ukraine”
• LEM Agency
• “Academy Of Beauty Pro Cosmetology”
• Sumy material and technical center “Electro”
• “Boema”
• “Industrial production enterprise Standard”
• “SAT”
• “Severynivska”
• “Turianska”

Translation practice
The purpose of translation practice is refinement and reinforcement of the theoretical knowledge, development of students` professional skills and proficiency in translation from and into English based on the theoretical knowledge, as well as teaching students systematically replenish and creatively apply their knowledge in practice in the field of their future specialty.
The main task of students' translation practice is to help students attain certain knowledge in the interlingual communication and choose the right translation strategy during business communication. Within the translation practice course, special attention should be paid to the development of practical skills in the field of translation.

Every student should KNOW:
- functional lexical material on general communication topics;
- functional lexical material on special texts;
- grammatical material provided by the program;
- basic rules of summarizing foreign language text;
- rules of the basic business papers, contracts, letters, protocols drafting according to the international standards of office work.

Every student should BE ABLE TO:
- express his/her thoughts in a foreign language both orally and in written form;
- use terminological bilingual dictionaries, electronic dictionaries working with foreign scientific texts;
- have good skills of consecutive interpretation;
- actively listen and translate messages into a foreign language;
- carry on business correspondence, using background cultural and regional knowledge;
- apply international standards of formalization and translation of commercial papers;
- do analytical processing and translation of foreign language sources in order to obtain information that is necessary to solve certain tasks of professional and industrial activity.

The content and sequence of translation practice are determined by the programme, developed by the department of Germanic philology according to the curriculum of bachelor's degree in “Philology” Germanic languages and literatures (translation included). The term of translation practice involves 5-6 semesters.

Bases of translation practice

Students undergo translation practice at enterprises, institutions, organizations of Sumy City and at the departments of Sumy State University. Students` distribution for translation practice is carried out in accordance with the availability of practice bases and the number of places and issued by the regulation of the SumDU.

For students studying on a budgetary basis, the bases list for translation practice is provided by the bodies that formed orders for specialists.
The awarding authority is the basic institution for practice, in the preparation of the fee-paying education specialists.

If the training of specialists is carried out by order of individuals, these persons provide the place of practice. This point is stipulated in the terms of the Contract for the bachelors` preparation.

For foreign students bases of translation practice are provided both on the territory of the requesting country and within Ukraine.

Within the permission of the department of Germanic philology of SumDU students can independently determine for themselves the place of practice and offer it for use. In this case, the student is provided with a letter of guarantee from the enterprise to the department of Germanic philology of SumDU, which includes the department for translation practice, as well as the name of the head of the practice from the enterprise. The guarantee letter is executed on the letterhead of the enterprise or the organization providing a place for translation practice to students of the faculty FPSC of SumDU and signed by the head of the organization.

Contracts with practice bases are concluded on the basis of guarantee letters. Proposals for this are provided to the head of educational and industrial practices of the University until September 3rd of each academic year.

The content of the practice includes:
- written translation of 20,000 characters;
- learning of professional terminology related to the specification of the institution`s functioning, the preparation of a Glossary (English-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-English).

(I.K. Kobyakova 3748 Methodical instructions “Translation practice” [Text]: for students of specialty 6.020303 “Philology” full-time education / I. K. Kobyakova, G. V. Chulanova, A.D. Сhepeliuk. – Sumy: Sumy State University, 2014. - 61 p. - 12-70.)

Pedagogical practice of fourth-year students-translators lasts 4 weeks (in February) on the study.
Practice is carried out in the following basic schools of Sumy city that have contracts with Sumy State University: school No. 9, school No. 6, classical gymnasium of Sumy.

Pedagogical (assistant) practice of fifth and sixth-year students takes place at Sumy State University: at the department of Germanic philology and at the foreign languages department.


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