Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Sumy State University
Department of Germanic Philology
Master’s Degree
Specialty 035 Philology
Degree Program "Germanic Languages and Literature (translation included)"
Qualification «English and German Translator, Teacher»
Duration of the program – 1.4 years

Description of the degree program: 
The master's degree program is practice and research oriented. 
On the one hand, this program is aimed at improving the training of specialists who are able to speak a foreign language, effectively and competently participate in various forms of scientific communication and solve the problems of integration of Ukrainian education and science in the system of international relations, develop the export system of educational services, provide international academic and professional mobility. On the other hand, it prepares undergraduates for creative research and for research in philology and translation.

Contents of the degree program:
Disciplines offered for studying: "Practice of translation from the English language", "Practice of translation from the German language", "Practical course of the English language", "Practical course of the German language", "Methodology of translation teaching with expletive informative module: psychology and pedagogy of higher education institutions", "General-theoretical course of the second foreign language (German) with expletive informative module: the European languages in intercultural communication", "Editing theory fundamentals with expletive informative module: rhetoric fundamentals", "Theory of linguistic discourse with expletive informative module: composition of texts of different genres", "Corpus linguistics with expletive informative module: issues of branch terms translation", "Theory of translation".

Student Admission. Admission is based of higher education (specialists, masters), on commercial basis. Entrance examinations - tests in English and German.

Head of the degree program: PhD in Philology, Professor, the Head of the department of Germanic philology of SumDU Iryna Kobyakova.
Information about the program is available on the web-site of SumDU, the site of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications and directly on the website of the Department of Germanic Philology.

Requirements and programs:
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree

Competences and program results of training of specialty philology, specialization translation (Germanic languages and literature, translation incl.)
(Extramural form of education)

Department of Germanic Philology

2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st., Sumy, 40007 Ukraine 
Building of the Electro-Technical Department, Room 422
Tel.: +380 (542) 33-70-35.


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