Free of charge online classes

 School of European Languages with the assistance of Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar»invites pupils of 8-11 forms and all interested people to improve the level of the English and German languages for communication and studying!!!

Digitization of language learning

Lecturers of the Department of Germanic Philology Svetlana Yermolenko and Anna Zinchenko took part in the “Digital congress 20.20” held by the Goethe Institut.The event was dedicated to burning issues of distance language teaching as well as newest digital technologies in German language learning. Problems of foreign languages adjusting to our pandemic reality was in the limelight the whole event.

International online conference on-stream

Senior Lecturer of #department_GPh_SumDU Iryna Ushchapovska took part in the international scientific-practical conference "Education and science: remembering the past, create the future", which was held at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University  with the participation of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Central University Martha Abreu in Las Villas (Cuba), University of Presov in Presovo (Slovakia), Uniwersytet

Science without boundaries, or Collaboration of SumDU linguists with scientists of Kyiv higher educational institutions and employers

Linguists of the Department of Germanic Philology, namely the Head of the Department, Professor Iryna Kobyakova and Professor Svitlana Shvachko established contacts with employers and colleagues from other higher educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad, having joined the international online conference "Science without boundaries", which took place in Budapest, Hungary.


  Staff of the Department of Germanic Philology sends best regards to Senior Lecturer Iryna Ushchapovska and congratulates her on a successful defense of the thesis and acquiring the scientific degree of Ph. D. in Philology (specialty 10.02.04. – Germanic languages).

Travelling to enigmatic China!

  #SumDU_translators had an opportunity to find out about studying and living in China from the first-hand. This time `Travel Office` visited a graduate of the Department of Germanic Philology Galyna Tymoshchuk. Thus, students of the first-fourth years of studying accompanied by their lecturers Olena Medvid, Alla Krasulia and Olena Nazarenko quickly filled the room, as they wanted to hear about ample perspectives for them from SumDU.

Studying and working in Germany

  On September 18th within the framework of the students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office” under the guidance of the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology Olena Nazarenko the fifth year student of specialty “Philology” Alina Ponomarenko met with freshemen.

Travel office

 Dear friends! Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel office” at Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar» of the Department of Germanic Philology makes you a new appointment on September, 18th at the lecture room ET-216 at 1 p.m.!Let’s travel to Germany! Honourable guest is Alina Ponomarenko, 5th year student of Specialty Philology.

Future translators to future students

Six months ago, the possibility of distance learning frightened students. "How will lectures and practical classes be conducted?", "How will we write module works?", "How will we pass exams?", and "How to defend a thesis in such conditions?" - they wondered. As it turned out, there was no reason to worry.#SumDU_translators along with lecturers completed the previous academic year and started a new one. So we asked them what they think about this year. And that's what they say about it.

Professional self-improvement and cooperation with international employers

Olha Shumenko, Associate Professor at the Department of Germanic Philology together with her British colleagues under the auspices of the UK Government has been actively involved in the Her Majesty Government Project for almost six months now, which has many years of multi-agency experience and represents all aspects of training. This project offers a variety of customised training sessions for those who work directly with children, young people and students, as well as a wide range of organisations: Sky News, Anglia TV, BBC Radio, BBC TV and Daily Mirror.