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Our congratulations on May holidays! We wish you health, happiness and all the best!The Department of Germanic Philology is waiting for you in our study rooms of SumDU on the schedule from May 11th according to the Rector's order. 

«2021: Online Workshop ‘E-TOOL’ (Teaching Online Opportunity Lab)» (2)

  Lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology, PhD in Pedagogy, Alla Krasulia was invited as a guest lecturer at the event for lecturers and teachers of English "2021: Online Workshop 'E-TOOL' (Teaching Online Opportunity Lab)", which took place on April 21-23 at the Department of Foreign Languages of the Educational and Research Institute for Business, Economy and Management SumDU with the support of the British Council, in particular, A.S Hornby Educational Trust.

Greetings on the great Easter Day!

Our sincere greetings on the great Easter Day! Let the chime of Easter bells bring you only good news, let your heart fill with rejoicing and let your faith help you overcome all the difficulties.

Online webinar with the NATO Translator in Ukraine

  Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office”  does not stop surprising us with interesting and useful meetings. On April 28, the next online-meeting of a series of webinars devoted to the profession of translator and the role of foreign languages in the modern globalized world was held under the leadership of Vice Dean for Education Olena Medvid, with the participation of lecturers of the Department of Germanic Philology  Olena Nazarenko, Kateryna Vashyst and Associate Professor Galyna Chulanova.

Winning the translation contest

A postgraduate student of the specialty "Philology" became the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest of literary translation for young translators, which took place at Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University.

The Second Place at All-Ukrainian Competition of Students Research Papers in Sociolinguistics

  Student of the specialty "Philology" became the winner of All-Ukrainian Competition of Students Research Papers in Sociolinguistics in the 2020-2021 academic year. The competition was held at the Ivan Franko National Univesity of Lviv.

We continue the session of webinars-meetings with our stakeholders and translators on the role of foreign languages and translation in the modern globalized world

  “Travel Office” at the Department of Germanic Philology organized an online meeting with Shan Lewis, who comes from Wales, on April 22. Mrs. Lewis, who has considerable life experience in learning foreign languages, noted that she had always dreamed of holding a conference for students, shared her life stories, told about studying and traveling to different countries. The information about the difference between English and Welsh was incredibly interesting and useful. It is like a different world, but how interesting it is!

Scientific victories of students-translators

5th-year students of the Specialty Philology Alona Kovalenko and Valeriia Rava have won the 1st place in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ scientific works in specialty “Translation”, held at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in 2020-2021 academic year.

Assistant Professor, Candidate of Philological Science (PhD), speciality 10.02.04 – Germanic Languages

Department of Theory and Practice of Translation

Contact Details

Tel: +38 (0542) 68-78-81

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Electro-technical building, Room 133, 409

Education and Career

Sep. 2003 – Jul. 2008 Bachelor and Specialist Programmes in Philology and Translation Studies; qualification –Translator, Teacher of English and German.

Aug. 2008 – Aug. 2013 Department of Germanic Philology, Department of Theory and Practice of Translation, Sumy State University; positions – full-time and part-time lecturer.

Nov. 2008 – Oct. 2011 Postgraduate (PhD) Programme in Germanic Languages (10.02.04), Sumy State University. Thesis title: Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of the Indefinite Quantity Actualization in the English-Language Discourse (date of defence 05.06.2012, place of defence: Kherson State University, Ukraine).

Sep. 2012 – May 2013 – State Boarding Lyceum with Intensified Physical-Military Study "Cadet Corps" named after I.H. Kharytonenko; position – part time teacher of English.

Aug. 2013 – Otto-Friedrich Universität, Bamberg (Germany), BAYHOST scholarship holder for participation in the 35th International Summer University (summer session “The Journey: from literary motif to narrative structures and epistemological perspectives”)

Aug 2013 – Present – Department of Theory and Practice of Translation (assistant professor); Department of Germanic Philology (part-time lecturer), Sumy State University.

Teaching areas

Introduction to Translation Studies

English Language Practice

Second Foreign Language Practice (German)

TranslationPractice (English/Ukrainian).

Literary Translation Criticism and Editing

Translation for Specific Purposes – International Economic Terminology (English/Ukrainian or German/Ukrainian).

Research interests

Comparative Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Translation Studies.

Key publications

Educational and academic textbooks:

1. Методичні вказівки до практичних занять з дисциплін "Практичний курс англійської мови", "Історія англійської мови". "Мовна категорія кількості" : для студ. спец. 6.030507 "Переклад" денної форми навчання. — Суми : СумДУ, 2009. — 51 с.

2. Числівник англійської мови: навч. посіб./ С. О. Швачко, С. В. Баранова, І. К. Кобякова та ін. –­ Суми: СумДУ, 2010. – 171 с.

3. Methodological instructions on home reading for the practical course "Practical Course of the English Language": for the students of the speciality 6.030507 "Translation" of the full-time course of study. P.1 — Sumy : Sumy State University, 2012. — 42 с.

4. Rahmenmethodische Anweisungen für die praktische Arbeit im Fach "Praktischer Deutsch": für die Studenten der Fachrichtung 6.020303 "Ubersetzung" Direktstudium / O. I. Egorowa, J. S. Bondarenko. — Sumy : Staatliche Universitat Sumy, 2013. — 36 с.

Scientific publications:

1. Єгорова О.І. Лінгвопрагматична актуалізація кількості в текстах політичного дискурсу (на матеріалі інавгураційних промов Б. Обами) [Текст] / О.І. Єгорова, А.В. Зінченко // Філологічні трактати. — 2013. — Т.5, №2. — С. 32—37.

2. Егорова О.И. Количество в переводе (на материале анализа конкретных переводческих решений) / О.И. Егорова, А.В. Зинченко // Материалы международной научно-практической конференции «Академическая наука – проблемы и достижения» 30–31 января 2013г. – North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace. – C. 231–234.

3. Егорова О.И. Специфика перевода квантитативных единиц (на материале слов-мезуративов) / О.И. Егорова // Актуальные вопросы переводоведения и практики перевода. Сборник научных статей. Выпуск 3. – Н. Новгород: Бюро переводов "Альба", 2013. – C. 97–106.

4. Єгорова О. І. Лінгвокогнітивні аспекти актуалізації невизначеної кількості в англомовному дискурсі [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. філол. наук : 10.02.04 / Єгорова Олеся Іванівна ; Херсон. держ. ун-т. — Херсон, 2012. — 20 с.

5. Егорова О.И. Специфика когнитивной обусловленности метафорических номинаций неопределенного количества [Текст] / О.И. Егорова, А.В. Кальченко // Филологические науки в России и за рубежом: материалы междунар. заоч. науч. конф. (г. Санкт-Петербург, февраль, 2012 г.). / Под общ. ред. Г. Д. Ахметовой. — СПб.: Реноме, 2012. — С. 120—123.

6. Єгорова О.І. Невизначено-кількісна актуалізація невербальної аудіальної поведінки в англомовному дискурсі [Текст] / О.І. Єгорова // Філологічні трактати. — 2011. — Т.3, №3. — С. 23—28.

7. Кобякова І.К., Єгорова О.І. Семантична ідентифікація та квантитативні параметри концепту QUANTITY в англійській мові [Текст] / І.К. Кобякова, О. І. Єгорова // Вісник ХНУ ім. В.Н. Каразіна. Серія “Романо-германська філологія.Методика викладання іноземних мов”, 2011. — №954. — С. 94—102.

Professional activity

supervising students’ academic year papers and degree works in philology and translation;

supervising student’s synopses and scientific articles contributed to specialized the national and international scientific journals;

(since 2012) supervising research works and creative worksfor All-Ukrainian and international contests.

Public activity

Member of theUnion of Gifted Youth of Ukraine. 

Department of Germanic Philology

2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st., Sumy, 40007 Ukraine 
Building of the Electro-Technical Department, Room 422
Tel.: +380 (542) 33-70-35.


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