Кафедра германської філології

Сумський державний університет
Факультет іноземної філології та соціальних комунікацій




Methodical Aids and Disciplines

  1. Practical Course of English
  2. Practical Course of German
  3. Practical Course of English Translation
  4. Latin
  5. Culture-Oriented Linguistics of English countries
  6. Introduction to Science of Language
  7. Comparative Lexicology
  8. Terminology of English
  9. Principles of Language Communication Theory
  10. Culture-Oriented Linguistics of German
  11. Comparative Grammar of English and Ukrainian

12. Problems of Social Variation of English in View of Translation

13.  History of English

14. Research Writing and Style

15. Theoretical Grammar

16. Theoretical Phonetics

17. Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

18. History of Translation

19. Introduction to Translation Studies

20. Grammar Problems of Translation

21. Dynamics of Development of Translation Principles in Historical Aspect

22. Criticism and Editing of Literary Translation

23. Methodological Problems of Translation Studies

24. Principles of Translation Editing

25. Translation of Business Language

26. Comparative Stylistics of English and Ukrainian

27. Translation of Scientific and Technical Literature

28. Modern Literature of Countries

29. Basic Principles of Simultaneous Translation

30. Special Aspects of Translation

31. Office Activities and Legalization

32. Translation for Specific Purposes – International Economic Terminology

33. Translation for Specific Purposes – International Law Texts

34. Translation for Specific Purposes – Customs Law Texts

35. Certified Translation

36. Translation for Specific Purposes − Civil Law Texts

37. Judicial Terminology

38. Term Paper on English Philology

39. Practical Course of German Translation

40. Theoretical Course of German

41. Teaching Techniques of Translation

42. Theory of Language Discourse

43. Text Composition of Different Genres

44. Theory of Translation

45. Oral Translation

46. Conceptual Aspects of Translation

47. Inner and Outer Structures of Texts

48. Translation Practice of Specialized Terms

49. Systems of Lexis Structure: Contrastive Analysis

50. Methods of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher Educational Institutions

51. Research Work

52. Topical Problems of Theory and Practice of Translation

53. Linguo-Cognitive Aspects of Quantity





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