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Future Bachelors of the specialty “Translation” develop practical skills in the trading company “Guala Closures”

Larysa Dehtiariova, a senior lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology, along with students-translators of the IV-th year have visited the trading company “Guala Closures” that is famous beyond Ukraine for improving knowledge within the framework of the discipline “Practice of translation of customs-law”. It specializes in the production of helical aluminium curfews such types as Pilfer Proof, Alu Snap, and also curfews for mineral water and for medical purposes. The company co-operates with 30 countries. Among of them are Belorussia, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland, Poland etc.

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Specialist linguists taught translation

Occupation of an interpreter is recognized as one of the most prestigious and in demand worldwide. Interpreters have their specializations: one deals only with written translation of works of art, scientific, journalistic, technical texts, articles and documents. Another one interprets (fulfils consecutive or simultaneous translation).

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Lviv Seminars of Germanists

Assistant professor of Sumy State University by the Department of Germanic Philology, PhD Olena Popova participated in the meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Germanists (AUG) held on December, 15 – 17 at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv by the Department of Intercultural Communication and Translation and the Department of German Philology. The meeting was financially supported by the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine.

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Following the call of the heart

A group of volunteer students of the 4th year of study of the specialty “Translation” of Sumy State University for the second year in a row give English lessons for children of Hematology Department of the Sumy Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. Not everyone chooses to pass teaching practicum in such way, but those who are able to do it believe that it is a real call of the soul and heart.

 This year during the period from October to November, 9 students with support from their teachers Olena Kupenko and Antonina Chepeliuk and with the help of Public Organization “Parents of Disabled Children Suffered from Cancer” taught English children, who are on the long-term treatment. The volunteers found the approach to each child, who was willing to study English, so the classes were not only boring learning of theory, but in combination with painting, physical activity or watching cartoons. Students brought children not only knowledge, but also the joy of communication. These kids are really needed of this, because during their shot lifes they have already faced with so many trials.

To be a volunteer in a children’s hospital means to lend a shoulder for support, don’t be afraid of running risks, because you doesn’t know as children to work with as all peculiarities of such cooperation. It’s all because of good business. It’s really great to aware that you can somehow help the kids, incline them to positive and at the same time combine it with studying.

Anastasiia Pietukhova, PR-21

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On December, 15th 2015 the setting of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine headed by the Minister Serhiy Kvit took place.

According to the solution of certifying commission it was resolved to award Iryna Kobyakova with academic title of Professor of the department of Germanic Philology.

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