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Double degree program of the University College of Social Sciences in Częstochowa (Poland) and Sumy State University

About the program:

Taking into account the interests and needs of Ukrainian students, SSU has started cooperation with the University College of Social Sciences in Częstochowa (Poland).

The main advantage of this cooperation is providing the students of SSU with opportunity of parallel studying at the University College of Social Sciences in Częstochowa and getting a second diploma of the Republic of Poland .

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Holy Art! With a Brush or with a Feather You Are Able to Make Any Feature Eternal

Year 2017/2018 was declared the year of studying the German language in Ukraine and Ukrainian in Germany. The department of Germanic philology has joined the translation project organized within the program area "Ukrainian-German Literary Dialogue: Our Common Ground in Europe" with the support of DAAD-lectorate in Ukraine.

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Industry is our future!

On April 3, students of translation speciality met with representatives from the HR department of such leading industrial companies as: «Технология», «Биотехник», «Guala Closures Ukraine», «Gualapack», «Вітчизна», «SAT», «Северинівська», «Тур’янська». Conversation was not even business, but friendly and enjoyable. Representatives spoke about the scope and modernization of their companies, about desired of each entrepreneur's income, and also about cooperation with other countries. And this is not just words, it's 44 advanced countries in the world. As companies are family and friendly, so the attitude to employees is also family and friendly: everyone communicates with company management and is able to express wishes or share suggestions about the overall good of companies.

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Let’s change our country together! Young Scientists Conference “Economic future of Ukraine”

The student of “Translation” specialization Marharyta Polupan took part in Young Scientists Conference “Economic future of Ukraine” that was held in Kyiv. 

The conference was organized by the Ukrainian Association of the Club of Rome together with the Kyiv International Economic Forum. The cinema “Kyiv” was chosen as the location with the support from PJSC Bank “ARCADA” and the group of companies "Ukravit". The aim of the project is to help ambitious Ukrainian youth to become architects of the new economic and social system, which will develop into a united talent energy around the ideas of balanced and socially oriented economic development in the future.

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China as the most ancient civilization in the world

Within the Travel Office supervised by a lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology   Olena Nazarenko  the meeting of connoisseurs of Oriental culture was held. Such special guests were invited: PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Department of the GF, vice-principal of the DMO, the leader of the Confucius class of SSU Yuliia Kats and volunteer from China, PhD in Philological Sciences, the lecturer of Chun Cheng Teaching Institute of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Li Zhe.

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