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Masters of Translation specialization graduated

Masters of Translation specialization graduated from the department of Germanic philology (group ПРм-51). We congratulate you, our dear graduates, and wish you, successful career start, a lot of happy events and prosperity! Let your life journey be bright and happy smiles always appear on your faces!!!

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The student of the 2nd year of studying of specialization “Translation”  Anastasiia Korotun obtained experience of volunteering – at the concert of Jamala, held on May 12th at the Palace of Sports (Kyiv)

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Sumy State University

The Department of Germanic Philology

Master Studies


035 “Philology”

 “Germanic languages and literature (including translation)”

Preparation Profile (Qualification)

“Translator of English and German languages, teacher”

extramural education– 1.4 years

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Development of PARUS-initiative

At the beginning of March 2017, DAAD-Lektorat in Sumy in the person of Carsten Grunvaldt initiated and funded the meeting of representatives from18 Ukrainian higher education institutions on the premises of Congress Center of SSU that resulted in establishment of the Platform for Academic Development of University Cooperation (PARUS).

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Science&Travel: How Translators Won Recognition in Estonia

From 20 to 22 April 2017, the SSU students of the 2nd and 4th years of studying and specializing in translation Anastasiia Korotun and Tetiana Koval took part in the XVII International Student Research Conference held at the Narva College of Tartu University (Narva, Estonia).

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