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Students of specialization “Translation” took part in the discussion of the decentralization process in Sumy region

On September 21, students of specialization “Translation” and lecturer of the department of the Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko took part in the public discussion on dynamic of decentralization in Sumy region. The organizer of the event is Regional Security Research Center at Sumy State University in cooperation with Kharkiv Analytical Center, called "Observatory of Democrasy".

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International Translator’s Day

A translator is a specialist who can not only translate, but also interpret speech or written text from one language to another. However, not every person can study a foreign language, for this he or she must possess some qualities, such as:

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Let’s Break Stereotypes!

3rd year student of the specialisation Translation  Anastasiia Korotun has become an active participant of the youth meeting “Let’s Break Stereotypes” held in Dom Nasutów, Poland (www.nasutow.pl) from the 11th to 18th of September. The event gathered 22 young Polish and Ukrainian activists whose aim is to get rid of prejudices and to build a new destereotyped society. During the project such cognitive topics as history and evolution of stereotypes, mechanism of creation and functioning of stereotypes, their influence etc. were discussed.

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Sumy State University

Department of Germanic Philology

 The Polish Language Courses

With the assistance of Translation Training and Resource Center “LinguoStar”

And Congress-centre of Sumy State University

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The SSU Translation Training and Resource Center "LinguoStar" provides educational services:

  • Preparation courses for the ECL international language test, which confirms the knowledge of English at B2 level.
  • A full trial version of the ECL language test.

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