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China as the most ancient civilization in the world

Within the Travel Office supervised by a lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology   Olena Nazarenko  the meeting of connoisseurs of Oriental culture was held. Such special guests were invited: PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Department of the GF, vice-principal of the DMO, the leader of the Confucius class of SSU Yuliia Kats and volunteer from China, PhD in Philological Sciences, the lecturer of Chun Cheng Teaching Institute of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Li Zhe.

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Future Interpreters Came in Touch with the World of Beauty

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – students of the group PR-51/1 checked whether this proverb is truthful during the meeting with the Sumy artist Hanna Sergeeva. The meeting was initiated by the Associate Professor of the Germanic Philology Department Olena Popova as a part of study of the topic “The Fine Arts”.

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 Within the framework of European Student Think Tank NGO (Netherlands) activities, the lecture-briefing “EU Open for YOU: Towards Opportunities” took place on March 27th for 1st and 2nd year students-translators.

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Офіс подорожей

Шановні друзі!

 Студентський країнознавчий гурток «Офіс подорожей», що діє при перекладацькому навчально-методичному центрі “LinguoStar” кафедри германської філології,  запрошує друзів на нову зустріч 2 квітня в аудиторії Г-807 о 12.45!

 Подорожуємо до Китаю! 

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Translation students explored the twist and turns of royal life

Students of the 2nd year of specialization Translation received an unusual task, for which it was necessary to connect the entire stock of creativity, knowledge of English, the skills of assembling and ability to work in a team. To deepen their knowledge of the life of the royal family under the direction of the teacher of translation practice Olena Nazarenko the students prepared projects on "The Royalty". Someone has chosen a talk show form, someone has searched for unknown facts about the most famous family in Britain, and someone else himself tried on the role of granddaughter or queen's sister.

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