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Professor of Zaporizhzhya National University visited SSU

On April 27, the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation hosted a scientific and practical seminar for PhD students and a lecture for students of the "Translation" speciality by Saniia Yenikieieva, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor of the Department of English Philology at Zaporizhzhya National University.

The scientific and practical seminar "Modern linguistic studios" was dedicated to interdisciplinary science synergetics and methodology of linguistic researches. Prof. Saniia Yenikieieva outlined the stages of formation, main principles and notions of synergetics.

 Saniia Yenikieieva delivered the lecture "Translation profession in modern world" for students of the "Translation" speciality. Special emphasis was given on competitive position of translators at the labour market, their role in cross-cultural communication and perspectives of related professions.

During the academic visit, Saniia Yenikieieva visited Library-Information Center of SSU.

Saniia Yenikieieva said: "In 1999 I was at SSU as the attendee of the first scientific and practical conference "Methodological problems of modern translation". Over this period, University sufficiently improved its position. I’m really impressed by the university’s modern facilities, IT technologies and scientific potential".

During two days, the visiting professor will be a head of examination board. We wish students and teachers success and inspiration!

Olena Ovsianko,

PhD student of the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation

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