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Svitlana Shvachko - Professor, Doctor of Philology

Academician of the Higher SchoolAcademy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology, Pr. of  the Department of Germanic Philology.

Member of the specializing Scientific Councils in Kharkiv State University, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, member of the editorial boards (The Visnyk of the SSU,  The Visnyk of Kharkiv National University, Kyiv national Linguistic University, European University)

tel. (0542) 68-78-81

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room ЕТ-127        



1956— graduation from the Institute of Foreign Languages, Horlivka.

Theses Defended:

  • PhD thesis: Evolution and functioning of measure and weight words in the English language (1971);
  • Doctoral thesis: English numerals and their states in the lexico-semantic field of quantity (1982).

Professional Career

  • 1957-1974 — lecturer, Department of English Language, Horlivka Pedagogical Institute;
  • 1975-1988 — lecturer, Department of English Language, Sumy Pedagogical Institute;
  • 1990-1995 - Head of the Department of English Language, Sumy Pedagogical Institute;
  • 1995-2000 - Head of the Translation Department of SumyStateUniversity;
  • 2000-2008 - senior lecturer, Department of Translation Theory and Practice of Sumy State University;
  • 2008 -2015 Head of the Department of Translation Theory and Practice ofSumyStateUniversity;
    • Professor Shvachko S. O. was heading this department till 2015.
    • Now she is the Professor at the Department of Germanic Philology.


  • Theory of Translation.
  • Stylistics of the English Language,
  • Special course: Linquoculturology Great Britain and the USA,
  • Special course: Fundamentals of Text Linguistic Theory and Communication,
  • Translation teaching methods, foreign language teaching methods, psycholinguistics, translation studies;
  • Svetlana Shvachko has supervised 12 PhD theses and has over 470 scientific and educational and methodological publications;
  • The category of quantity in distant languages,
  • typological aspects,
  • category of texts,
  • metalanguage of translation,
  • integration of the verbal and  body language in translation,
  • naive and scientific picture of the language.


  • Ukrainian Association of Cognitive Linguistics and Poetics.
  • Ukrainischer Deutschlehrer - und Germanistenverband
  • Thesis Committee for defense of PhD theses (Public Registration Number 01114010009) at the School of Foreign Languages of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University),
  • Academic Board of the School of Foreign Philology and Social Communications, SumyStateUniversity;
  • Editorial Board of professional scientific journals, in “Filologichni Traktaty” Philological Tractates (SumyStateUniversity, Sumy),
  • Organizing Committee of the annual Ukrainian and International conferences for faculty held at the School of Foreign Languages, SumyStateUniversity
  • Head of the Annual Scientific Ukrainian Students’ Scientific Conference "Translation Innovations" and the Editor-in-Chief of the compendium of abstracts of the reports presented there.


  • Honored Educator of Ukraine, 2005;
  • The title of «Woman of the Year» of American Bibliographic Institute, 2005;
  • Diploma of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, 2008;
  • Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2010;
  • Silver Diploma  of Open European-Asian Research Analytical Championship in London, 2014;
  • Diploma Sophist of National Research Analytical Championship in London, 2014
  • Bronze Diploma  of National Research Analytical Championship of Ukraine, 2015.


  • Methodology of training future translator/interpreters;
  • Scientific research methods in the fields of translation methodology and foreign language teaching;
  • Translation studies;
  • Translation of English-language patterns into Ukrainian;
  • Translation and interpreting practice;
  • Stylistics of the English Language,
  • English oral and written communication practice.


S.O. Shvachko was on probation in the United Kingdom and Texas, USA. She is an honorary member of the TheodoreRooseveltSchool, San Antonio, Texas. She was nominated twice (by American Bibliographic Institute) as the woman of the year.

In 2012 had an internship at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University.




Shvachko S.O Radiance of forgotten words: monograph / S. O Shvachko. - Sumy: SumyStateUniversity, 2012. - 107 p.


Shvachko S.O The epidigmatic modus of quantitative English units [Text]: monograph /                 S.O Shvachko. - Palmarium Academic Publishing, 2014. - 74 p.


Shvachko, S.O Teaching to study translation: monograph / O. S Shvachko. - Sumy: SumyStateUniversity, 2015. - 215 p.


Co-authored monographs:

Shvachko S.A. Linguistic and cognitive aspects of the problem, nothing vs something [Text] /S.A.Shvachko// Modern linguistics and the study of mentality in the twenty-first century: the collective monograph: the 80th anniversary of Professor V.V. Kolesov; holes. soredia.               M.V. Pimenova, V.I. Terkulov. - Kiev: Publishing House of D. Burago, 2014. - (Series "Concept and lingual worlds", Issue 5..). - S.349-364. http://essuir.sumdu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/34461

Recent scientific works:



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