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Translation Day by First-Year Students’ Eyes

A famous Russian writer A. Chekhov said "How many languages you know, so many times you are a person". That is why, choosing translation as a profession, we, students of the Department of Germanic Philology, decided that foreign languages would lead us to success.


Informative lectures, various forms of teaching material, scrupulousness and professionalism are features of the teachers of theDepartment of Germanic Philology. And the head of the department Iryna Kobyakova became a wise leader for the students. Her greeting speech at the celebration of the translators' day was full of sincerity and love for us, students, and the profession. She declared "You should not translate word for word but render the beauty by the beauty" and "every nation is silent about something, but says just different, because it is impossible to say everything".

The celebration started with the bouquet contest, in which students expressed their points of view about translation, also book-crossing took place there. The festive mood was achieved by the performances of the fellow students: Grishchenko Valeria with the songs "Crazy In Love" and "Impossible", inflammatory dances of the students of the group PR-43, sensual declaration of the poems of Robert Burns by Chirkov Serhiy and Stupina Sveta (PR-41). The culmination was a treat to the national dishes of the English speaking countries and a tasty cake – a present from Iryna Karpivna.

We, the students, are grateful to our teachers for their dedication to the profession, for the creativity and collaboration, for their hospitality and kind hearts, for each day of our study. We assure you that we, the students of the course 2014, will thoroughly master the skill of translation and be confident in any life situation.

Student of the group PR-41,

Hosteva Kseniya

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