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While Kingdoms are Destroyed, Books are Immortal!

Exactly this was the motto of the final thematic lesson on the practical course of English in the group PR-51/2. The class conducted in an interactive format using ICT contained a number of individual presentations, within which the students shared their impressions of immersion into the magical world of fiction.


The students presented their outlook on the TOP-5 books worth reading to each translator-philologist. The recommendatory lists included works of writers from different parts of the world, from different epochs, and of various genres. Among the future translators’ favorites were Haruki Murakami, Thomas Hardy, Dalai Lama, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Yevgeniy (Eugene) Zamyatin, William Somerset Maugham, and many other lords of the words. Many of us have discovered new names and prospects for expanding the boundaries of our own ken. We foster hope that our university experience and recommendations will also unleash a burst of improvements of other participants of the academic process. After all, reading is one of the few distinctively human activities that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and as Denis Diderot once said, “People stop thinking, when they cease to read.”


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Anastasiia Korotun, PR-51

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