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The Partnership between SSU and NATO became possible

On the 19th of December at the Congress Center of SSU opened the exhibition «Ukraine – NATO. Safety Formula», which is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Charter on a Distinctive Partnership between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Ukraine.


The opening was attended by the Head of the Regional State Administration Mykola Klochko, the Vice-rector for scientific work Anatolii Chernous, the director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine Barbora Maronkova. Interpreting from English into Ukrainian was performed by the lecturer of the Department of Germanic Philology, Iryna Ushchapovska.

The aim of the exhibition was to show the history of NATO, the experience of Ukraine's cooperation with the Alliance and provide the facts of support to the Armed forces of Ukraine by this organization. And its main task was the destruction of myths about NATO and the provision of reliable information.

After the opening of the exhibition was held a discussion on the theme of confrontation between hostile and false information. The discussion was interesting and fruitful, the participants showed a keen interest in information security issues in the world and particularly in Ukraine. 


Nataliia Tatsenko,

Associate Professor of the Department of Germanic Philology

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