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Bardzo in German!

3rd year student of specialisation “Translation” Anastasiia Korotun became the only participant from Sumy and the youngest participant of the specialized course “Gemeinsame Erinnerungsorte: eine Geschichte mit vielen Vergangenheiten” (eng.“Common Memory Spaces: One History with Many Pasts") financed by DAAD that took place from December 4 till December 9 in Katowice, Poland. Our student had an incredible opportunity to practice her German language skills amongst native speakers i.e. DAAD-lecturers, as well as masters, doctoral students and newly-educated teachers.


During the course, the participants didn’t stretch their legs: they were at the University of Silesia, in particular at the Faculty of Philology in Sosnowiec; in the estate Kreisau (now Krzyżowa), where since 1939 the group of German dissidents organized its meetings; they viewed and discussed the exhibition “Mut und Versöhnung“ (eng.“Courage and Reconciliation”), the opening of which was visited by the very Mrs. Merkel, and then they got swept away in history and learnt more about the relations between Germany, Poland and Ukraine, and their development in the historical context. They also visited Silesian Museum, for the whole review of which one needs at least 3-4 hours as the participants have understood later.

 The main objective of this course was to explore Erinnerungsort (memory space) as a concept in bilateral and international relations on the cultural-linguistic perspective.

During the cultural evening, the participants had to present their work, revealing such issues as regional, national and transnational places of memory, and to touch upon the issue of memory spaces as places of reconciliation.

“The way to the future always lies through the past. This phrase belongs to the founder of the German classical philosophy Immanuel Kant. Considering the past one finds lots of still unknown parallels. The nation and culture can live and develop only within the inextricable connection between the past, the present, and the future. Don’t forget about it!” shared Anastasiia.


Maryna Syzonenko, PR-51

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