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Сумський державний університет
Факультет іноземної філології та соціальних комунікацій




Sumy State University

Department of Germanic Philology

School of future Diplomats

With the assistance of Translating Academic center “LinguoStar”

Invite pupils of 10 – 11 class to improve the level of business English for communication, professional skills and future training

          Lessons include: live communication with lecturers of Department of Germanic Philology, systemization and enhanced studying of grammar, improving  jural, political and economic vocabulary, skills of free communication, writing of business letters, getting to know principles of business etiquette, country studies of English-speaking and other countries.


         Studying includes 3 stages. 3 terms are planned during autumn, winter and spring school holidays.


         The first term lasts from 30th October to 3d November, 2017. The group can consist of at least 10 pupils.

Price: for 14 academic hours (7 lessons) – 300 hrn.

         You can keep a close watch for the exact timetable and make up classes on the Web Site of Department of Germanic Philology and on the Web Site of our University.

         Send your applications and receive invitations! We are waiting exactly for you!

         The detailed information you can get from:

(050) 3078100 (Nazarenko Olena Viacheslavivna)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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