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English-speaking session in the camp „Univer“ from the department of Germanic philology

August, 1st was the end of the second session of holiday-makers in the camp “Univer” of SSU. Initiated by the department of Germanic philology (including support of the School of European Languages and Travel Office) June session was linguistically oriented: the program “Trip in English” was created and firstly used taking into consideration children’s rest program.

 General quantity of children (175) was divided into 5 studying groups consisting of 35 kids each (three groups for 6-11 years, the fourth one for 12-13 years, the fifth one for 14-17 years). Interactive methods of learning were used for each group: team work, active games, discussing of interesting for kids topics and others. The work of junior and secondary groups was directed to enlarging active vocabulary, while children from the senior group studied deeply cross-cultural aspect of English-speaking society: traditions, peculiarities and values of life in the USA, the UK, Canada, the South African Republic and other countries. Moreover values and traditions were not only things to study, experienced people told how it is easy or difficult for immigrants to live in English-speaking countries – how to fill in documents for work and studying, how it is expensive to rent a flat and pay for public services; how much you pay for public transport, food, medical service, etc.

 At the end of the session volunteer teachers in the camp (lecturers Nataliia Prykhodko and Vitalii Stepanov, students of Translation specialization Kateryna Ukhina, Daryna Pryvalova, Yevheniia Lehkobyt, Olena Stovpak, Viktoriia Darvysh) presented 40 the most active pupils with certificates which give you an opportunity to attend School of European Languages at the department of Germanic philology using some benefits. Now we can surely say that pilot implementation of English-speaking project was excellent and further its using will help to improve the level of language competence of new holiday-makers of this camp who in future may become students of SSU.

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